Top 6 Best Bowling Balls for 2022-Buying Guide

Top 6 Best Bowling Balls for 2022

Having a good bowling ball won’t automatically make you a great bowler, but with lots of practice and dedication, it can make a significant difference in your game. If you are progressing your game or playing regularly, having your own bowling ball is one of the first things you want to invest in. Understanding some of the basic scientific principles behind bowling balls will help you choose the best fit and gain the most benefit from your ball. You need a bowling ball of the correct weight and Coverstock to suit your needs. To help you get one step ahead of the game, we’ve listed below the best bowling balls in 2022 for all level bowlers.

Bowling is one of the games that a lot of people uses to build bonds with family on friends. It doesn’t matter who you are there is something about watching a bowling ball move down the bowling lane that creates an unexplainable level of excitement. There are many different types of bowling balls, some more ideal for beginners, some better for certain types of bowlers and some can be ideal for almost any player.

If you are a bowling fanatic but never bowled before you might be wondering what the best bowling balls for beginners are. You might have bought a bowling ball before but is now in search for a new bowling ball, or just trying to get the ball that will fit your middle finger.

Top 6 Best Bowling Balls for 2022: Our Top Picks

Best Hammer BowlingBrunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball
Ball Best Black Bowling BallStorm Pitch Black Solid Urethane Bowling Ball
Best Motiv Trident Bowling BallEbonite Maxim Bowling Ball
Best Storm Bowling BallStorm Phaze III 15lb
Best Storm Trend Bowling BallKR Clear Red Rose Bowling Ball
BEST SPAREMotiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

The general rule is that you find a ball that matches your bowling style and if you are not sure of your bowling style, get a ball that’s ideal for beginners until you discover your bowling style. This list compiles the 16 best bowling balls for beginners. This list consists of balls of different sizes, shapes and weight. Search this list to find the right ball for you. You are guaranteed to find at least one ball that fits the description of the ball that you are seeking.

1.Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

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Key Features

  • Polyester Coverstock with crown factory polish
  • Very low hook potential (25 on a scale of 10-175) for pinpoint accuracy to catch spares
  • Nine different ball colors are available with gorgeous galaxy swirl designs
  • Available in 6 to 16 pounds weight range
  • Brunswick T Zone balls have a 1-Year polyester bowling ball warranty

Brunswick T Zone bowling balls are a cost-efficient addition as a spare ball for players of all skill levels and a perfect choice as a first ball for beginners. T Zone bowling balls have a durable polyester cover stock offering straight-line accuracy and consistency. With a somewhat cheaper price tag, beginner bowlers can use some of their budget for other needed accessories such as gloves and bowling shoes. As a spare bowling ball option for intermediate and expert bowlers, Brunswick T Zone balls are a great straight-shot second ball to finish frames off. The ball’s symmetrical core and low hook potential provide excellent lane length and ease in finding your spare shot mark consistently.

2.Storm Pitch Black Solid Urethane Bowling Ball

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When looking for a ball with an urethane covering, there are several lists to look through. Pretty much every one of the best urethane bowling ball lists name the Storm Pitch Black with the control solid urethane outer covering. It has a symmetric capacitor core that has a medium to low flare potential. It is made to be more predictable down the land and still be able to provide a good burst of energy when it hits the pin. Storm is another one of those well known companies and made this ball to deal with the wooden lanes.

3.Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

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The best bowling ball for beginners may spark an argument, like most questions, but one that pops up on the lists by experts over and over is the Ebonite Maxim bowling balls. This is a polyester outer covering type that is able to have multiple colors chosen. There is very little hook potential, which can help a new bowler get a straighter throw when learning. The weight choices allow for this ball to be bought for everyone from child up to adult, so people can make this a gift to any new bowler without worrying about this issue.

4.Storm Phaze III 15lb

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Key Features

  • Hybrid reactive coverstock
  • Available in 12 to 16 pounds weight range
  • Velocity symmetric core
  • Suitable for all oil conditions
  • Grapevine scented bowling ball

The Storm Phaze III captures the best of bowling ball tech to give you a superb game experience. The Phaze III is wrapped in a hybrid reactive cover with a 1500-grit polished finish. It features the fast-revving Velocity symmetric core which powers the ball down the lane and saves up energy for where you need it without causing over-reaction. The ball is a great go-to for a variety of bowling styles and oil patterns. Although not as important as its performance, the grapevine scent is all the rave amongst reviewers.

5.KR Clear Red Rose Bowling Ball

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Key Features

  • Polyester coverstock with high gloss polish
  • Clear with large red rose design
  • Performs best on dry lane conditions
  • Available in a 14-pound weight only

Although more of a novelty than a high-performance ball, KR’s Clear Red Rose bowling ball is what every bowler has wanted since Big Ern revealed his custom ball in the movie Kingpin. Due to the design of the ball, it only comes in a 14-pound weight but looks amazing in action. The ball performs best in dry lane conditions. The polyester coverstock is durable and less porous than other coverstock materials, resulting in low ball-lane friction.

6.Motiv Venom Shock Bowling Ball

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Key Features

  • Solid reactive coverstock with 4000 grit sanded factory finish
  • Gear symmetrical core
  • Available in 12 to 16-pound weight range
  • The Motiv Venom Shock bowling ball comes in a marbled purple only with bright orange and green accents which pop beautifully on the lane
  • Medium-low flare potential
  • Best for light to medium oil conditions

The Motiv Venom Shock is a versatile advanced-performance bowling ball for low-speed and high-speed bowlers alike. With a steady down-lane motion, it builds energy and transfers through the pins well, remaining consistently reactive across a wide variety of oil patterns. While Motiv Venom Shock doesn’t have extreme features, it is consistent and simply does a lot of things well, making it an excellent addition to your bowling kit.

Best Bowling Ball Buying Guide

Whether you are new to bowling or just buying your own ball for the first time, it may be tempting to pick the most stylish ball off the shelf. However, this ball-buying tactic will not get your game very far. Choosing the right bowling ball can make a significant difference to your game. There are many specifications and manufacturing details that need to be considered when choosing the best bowling ball for you. Its color is unfortunately not as important. So instead of just grabbing a big shiny ball off the shelf, we’ve put together everything you need to consider when choosing the best bowling ball to help you get a big shiny trophy instead.

How to Choose a Bowling Ball

Every detail of your new bowling ball is going to play an important role in how it performs when it leaves your hands. Here are the things to consider when buying a bowling ball:


The most important consideration when choosing a bowling ball is the weight. One of the best ways to select the ball weight is to calculate 1 pound for every 10 pounds of body weight. Therefore, if you weigh around 120 pounds, you will choose a ball in the range of 12-13 pounds. This allows you to control the ball well without tiring too quickly.

Test the weight you have chosen by having someone pass you the ball when stretching out your arm. This will determine if the ball is too heavy. When the ball is placed in your hands, it should not pull you off balance. If it does, it will be too heavy for you to control. In the same way, a ball that is too light will be hard to bowl straight or control effectively.

If you are buying a ball for someone else and are not sure of their weight, you can make a rough estimation by age. Bowling balls can weigh anywhere between 6 to 16 pounds. Lighter balls weighing between 6 to 10 pounds are generally designed for children while 11-14 pound balls are suitable for teenagers. Adult females and senior players in general use 12-14 pound balls, while adult males use 15-16 pound balls, with the heaviest balls at 16 pounds being the maximum weight allowed in professional bowling.


The ball’s coverstock, or shell, can be made from polyester, urethane, or reactive resin primary materials which affect the surface texture, hardness, and oil absorption. Here is a brief description of each coverstock type.


Polyester or plastic coverstock is very durable and common in beginner balls. The smooth surface is less porous than other coverstock materials, results in low ball-lane friction, and has a low hook potential meaning it will go fairly straight.


Urethane is used by beginners, intermediate, and professionals as it creates a lot of friction between the lane and the ball. It is easier to curve with a moderate hook potential. Although a little bit more expensive than other options, it is a good option for players who try to hit the pins from an angle. However, with more friction, you do trade-off some control which can be tricky on lanes with a lot of oil.

Professional bowlers usually have more than one type of ball to compensate for varying lane conditions.

Reactive resin

Reactive resin balls are expensive but hook very well and are common in professional-grade bowling balls. They offer the most ball-lane friction and come in three types namely solid, pearl, and hybrid.

The solid option offers an even rolling experience with a little more friction on oily lanes. The pearl reactive resin coverstock is not as reactive as the solid option. It still allows the ball to hook but with more subtlety. The hybrid option is a combination of pearl and solid reactive coverstocks.


A bowling ball can have a pancake, symmetrical, or asymmetrical core which will, amongst other factors, determine where you can drill finger holes.

Pancake core

Pancake core balls are easier to control down the lane with little technique adjustment required. They tend to stay straight for a smooth rolling experience which is ideal for beginners.

Symmetrical core

A bowling ball with an asymmetrical core is a little more advanced and is found in most bowling balls. Since it is balanced, you have more even control.

Asymmetrical core

Although most people prefer using a symmetrical core ball, an asymmetrical core allows you to create a more angular motion. This is beneficial if you need an angle to hit the pins.

USBC Approved

Most recently manufactured bowling balls are USBC approved, which means that the weight is accurate, the ball is balanced, and you can use it for professional competitions. If you are not sure whether your ball is USBC approved, you can take it to a bowling shop to check the necessary aspects.


Bowling balls are usually purchased solid and require the holes to be drilled as per your specifications. This should be done at a bowling shop that can do it professionally using the correct measurements and understanding the geometry of the bowling ball.

what is the best bowling ball

What Bowling Balls Hook the Most?

Building off of what we just said, one reason why so many professional bowlers flock to balls with urethane covers is that they tend to hook the most. The urethane cover can create more friction than two teenagers playing 7 Minutes in Heaven.

However, a ball’s weight increases the probability of it gathering more hook. A heavier ball is more likely to hook than a lighter ball, so you may want to opt for a heavier one if you want more hook.

Is It Worth It to Spend the Money on the Best Bowling Balls?

The best things in life never come cheap, and if they do then they’re usually stolen. That’s how we feel about spending money on the best bowling balls. If you’re a casual bowler then you likely don’t need to splurge on the best balls in the medium.

That being said, if you’re serious about proving to people who you are on the professional bowling circuit, then it’s definitely worth it to drop the cash. A good bowling ball could be the difference between victory and defeat, and you don’t want to leave that up to chance.

Additional Considerations When Choosing a Bowling Ball

Additional brand logos on your bowling ball can sometimes result in a price spike without any real benefits. If you are budget-conscious, shop around. Once you have your ball ready, ensure to take good care of it by keeping it in a suitable protective bag and using the right cleaning products. The bowling balls in our list offer excellent value for money, so make sure to check those out too.

What bowling balls do professionals use?

Most pro bowlers use 16-pound balls, although more than you think use 15-pounders. Another method is to add one or two pounds to the weight of the house ball you normally use. A heavier ball drilled specifically to your hand will seem to weigh about the same as a house ball two pounds lighter.

Do pro bowlers use 14 pound balls?

A smattering of professional bowlers use 14-pound balls, but the majority of the rest of the field do still throw the maximum weight 16-pound bowling ball. As for women’s pro bowlers, the average bowling ball weight usually thrown is around 14 pounds.

Is it better to bowl with a heavier ball?

In general, the heavier the bowling ball will be, the better as a heavy ball will be more impactful, carry more power, and will have more chances of hooking than a lightweight bowling ball. The heavier ball will be able to knock down more pins when two bowling balls are thrown at the same speed.

How fast should I throw a bowling ball?

The USBC’s Guidelines for Best Bowling Ball Speed

First, the USBC and ball manufacturers have actually given some recommendations as to what ball speed is best, and their research indicates that 21 mph at the release is optimal (which corresponds to 17 mph when it gets down the lane and hits the pins).

Which foot do you line up with in bowling?

Right-handed bowlers should begin their approach with their right foot slightly behind their left foot since the first step will be taken with the right foot. Left-handed bowlers should begin their approach with their left foot slightly behind their right foot since their first step will be taken with the left foot.

Does a bowling ball wear out?

It depends on so many factors, from the number and frequency of uses, to its maintenance schedule, and even the climate where you live and the temperatures it’s exposed to. With proper maintenance, you should get at least 5-10 years out of a quality bowling ball.

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