The Best Light Bulb Security Cameras of 2022

The Best Light Bulb Security Cameras of 2022

Home and office security has come a long way since the days of night vision cameras and alarm systems. Now, you can install the best light bulb security camera to keep your space safe from intruders. A light bulb security camera is obscured inside the bulb in a way that makes it indistinguishable from a regular light bulb. Moreover, it is Wi-Fi enabled and helps facilitate live streaming or recording on your smartphone.

When choosing the products for this review, we considered a few important features. Camera definition makes sure you get the best picture possible for accurate monitoring. FPS, or frames per second, is the measurement for how many images per second can provide your camera. The more images the camera can process, the better the footage. Pay attention to coverage, too. A wide coverage area covers the most ground. We also considered memory card capacity, which determines how much footage you can store. Finally, we looked at whether these cameras had audio recording and a speaker which allow you to use them like an intercom to communicate with family or warn the person trying to break in that you’re watching them.

Light bulb security cameras have gained popularity in recent years as they are easy to operate and do not make the house look overtly under surveillance. However, finding a high-quality camera bulb can be tricky if you are new to these cameras. Fret not, as we have listed the top options that come with excellent design and offer high video quality. We also give you a few tips to help you pick the right camera. So, keep scrolling and pick one to keep your home safe.

The Best Light Bulb Security Cameras of 2022: Our Top Picks

Best overallLight Bulb Camera WiFi Outdoor
Best championSengled Floodlight Security Camera
Best runner-upAmaryllo Zeus
Best runner-upLight Bulb Camera 1080P 360°
Editor’s PicksCamera, 1080p Home WiFi Light Camera
Most affordableWooLink E27 Bulb Camera

Top1.Light Bulb Camera WiFi Outdoor

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  • Best for: Overall
  • Key Features: Full Wi-Fi functionality. Motion detection. Alarm function. 360-degree panoramic view. HD video and night vision.
  • Viewing Angle: 360 degrees
  • Voltage: 240 volts
  • Video Capture Resolution: 1080p

Equipped with a 360-degree fisheye lens, this model from Symynelec is an incredibly useful light bulb camera that allows you to keep a careful watch over any area. It comes with advanced motion detection and shoots in high-quality 1080p both day and night.

The alarm function works without a hitch too. There’s also excellent Wi-Fi functionality and everything gets set up in seconds. It’s easy to use, quick to operate and comes with multiple modes. You even get a handy bendable extension socket for added functionality.

The only downside is that the LED lights aren’t the best when it comes to illumination, which does hurt the night vision a little bit. Even so, you won’t find a light bulb security camera as well-rounded as this one.

Top2.Sengled Floodlight Security Camera

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Sengled is known for a wide range of security cameras, though this one certainly takes the cake thanks to its versatility and features. This is not a conventional light bulb camera as it has a flatter shape accompanied by floodlights, thus making it ideally suited for outdoor use. Among other features of this camera is night vision, giving you crystal clear visibility when it’s pitch dark.

When you first unbox this light bulb camera, you will also need to download the Sengled Snap app for your mobile device to control its functioning. It can also help you see the live feed of the camera. Among other features of this camera is two-way audio, allowing you to communicate with the person on camera without actually being in proximity with them. This bulb uses the conventional E26 socket, saving you the trouble of getting a separate bulb socket.

As you would expect with a security-oriented camera, this offering comes with motion detection enabled as well. As for storage, the company mentions that up to 30 days of recordings are stored on the cloud for free while if you need video recordings for more than 30 days at a time, you may need to purchase the company’s cloud subscription which has multiple tiers. The camera, as well as the bulb, are IP65 certified water-resistant, so any amount of rain cannot harm the camera in an outdoor setup. These factors certainly put this among the best cameras out there.

Top3.Amaryllo Zeus

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The Zeus from Amaryllo is a relatively new entrant in the light bulb camera market, so customer reviews are limited, but positive. The Zeus takes the smart features of this kind of device to a new level by offering a range of AI powered detection features, which is why I’ve picked this at the best overall.

You’ll get basic face detection and motion alerts for free, and can use an optional Micro SD card for storage instead of the cloud. With a subscription the camera will be able to differentiate between people, vehicles, and pets, as well as having the ability to recognize fire and alert you accordingly. They have plan options to add further analytics, such as movement path tracking and heat mapping where people spend most time in the room. These are pretty novel, and go beyond even the higher cost big brand smart camera offerings.

You’ll need a standard E27 socket, this one is suitable for indoors only. The cup around the base of the rotating head provides a 360 degree light for normal illumination, and the camera head also has spotlights to aid the 1080p camera at night if you choose, or you can let it use infra-red night vision instead.

The base of the unit is quite long which makes it ideal for recessed light sockets like ‘can’ lights, but for exposed sockets it sticks out quite a long way. It’s not a deal breaker, but an additional consideration. If you wish, it can also be mounted upside down – in a lamp fitting for example. The app allows the video to be flipped 180 so it’s still the correct way up when viewing.

Top4.Light Bulb Camera 1080P 360°

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Sonew Light Bulb Camera is a technology camera that stands out from the market for its compact and small size. It is a security camera with the appearance of a smart bulb, in an elegant design that is more resistant than others of its kind.

The Sonew device is a camera equipped with a powerful motion detector that, in case of detecting unwanted signals, activates a method of capturing photos and video that sends all the information to a smartphone linked to the device. The equipment available in Amazon has Wi-Fi connectivity that makes it one of the most efficient security systems, thanks to the fact that it solves the cabling problems in a device that supports 128GB MicroSD cards for internal storage.

One of the main factors that make the Sonew model the best security option is its HD Night Vision technology with multiple filters. It works in a field of view up to 20 meters away with a multitude of night light scanners. Added to its strength is video recording, the Sonew product has a two-way audio system that detects sounds in a microphone with high transparency and audio quality.

Top5.Camera, 1080p Home WiFi Light Camera

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  • Good for low light rooms
  • Not noticeable
  • Easy-to-install
  • Sync alarm feature


  • Does not have great sound quality

Viboos Wi-Fi security camera is a blessing for those who seek complete protection and wish to keep an eye on their premises, be it home, office or any other place. This security camera looks just like a light bulb which makes it quite secretive. The installation of the camera is quite simple as it has an E27 power socket. You just need to download the app and follow the completion instructions. As soon as the camera gets connected to Wi-Fi, live stream and recorded videos can be easily accessed through your phone. The camera offers 360° HD day and night vision. It also comes along with a remote control to capture pictures or to turn on and off light through the app.

Top6.WooLink E27 Bulb Camera

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  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with motion detection
  • Has encryption technology
  • 1080p video capture resolution


  • Manual adjustment required

This device from Senbisen is a wireless light bulb camera that lets you monitor premises for safety purposes. It gives 24*7 monitoring without creating any sort of light pollution. You get notified every time some motion is felt in the surroundings. Since it offers 360° panoramic view, you get to see clear, high resolution videos. The device is compatible with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and gives you a full day protection. It has IR LED night vision which gives you clarity at night.

Best Light Bulb Security Camera: What to Look For in 2022

Always think about the following factors when getting a good light bulb security camera.

Recording Quality

If you get a security camera that’s blurry or records in low quality, it defeats the general purpose. Rather, you need something that’s crisp and clear. Look for models with HD video. Also, try to purchase models that record in 1080 or 4k whenever possible.

It’s also important to ensure your camera can see during both the day and night. Large lights can help illuminate the dark, as can good night vision models. Just be sure your premium video quality works at different times of the day.

Viewing Angle

As with quality, your security camera won’t do much good if it can’t see what it’s supposed to survey. That is why a large viewing angle is so important. The more space your camera can cover, the better protected your home or space will be.

Always get a viewing angle that fits your needs. If you only need to watch a single area, such as outside a door, you can get something a bit more focused. However, if you need to watch a yard or room, you want to go wider.

Wi-Fi and Smartphone Functionality

A big part of the modern age is compatibility. Your light bulb security camera is no different. Rather than getting something that makes your life harder, purchase a bulb with enhanced functionality across multiple devices.

Good Wi-Fi functionality is critical when it comes to usability, as is strong smartphone compatibility. Being able to quickly check your live footage is essential because you don’t need to go and check your footage when you want to look at it.

Things to Consider

A lightbulb camera is just what it sounds like: a camera in a lightbulb. There are a lot of great things about using these cameras. In addition to their easy installation and setup, they are also discreet. Most people wouldn’t think that a lightbulb is anything but a lightbulb. This makes them applicable to so many situations. You can use them on your front or back porch to make sure no one is trying to break in or steal packages when you’re not home. They’re a great substitute for a baby monitor and are, in most cases, much more affordable. If you own a business, they’re an easy way to monitor the warehouse or aisles in a shop to address any theft issues. And the kicker is they’re so easy to use.

Installation Process

Wireless CCTV cameras are considered the best for installation and setup as there are no cables involved. Choosing such cameras is always the best option.

Water Resistancy

This is no surprise that a water-proof camera works better than a regular camera as it doesn’t stop working even when there is water on it.

Number of Infrared LEDs

Infrared LEDs are small bulbs on the sides of the lens at the center. These are ideal for night vision. Greater the number of these infrared LEDs, better the quality of recordings at night.

Wired or Wireless

To make the security process hassle-free, it is always good to choose a wireless camera.

How to install a light bulb camera?

One of the best things about these cameras is how easy they are to install. All you have to do it screw them into a standard light socket and you’re ready to go.

Are light bulb cameras wireless?

Yes, these cameras are wireless. They require a Wi-Fi connection and router to operate. Note that some of them do not support 5G internet.

Is it legal to use cameras hidden in light bulbs?

Generally, it’s legal to use a hidden camera in your own home but laws vary from state to state so it’s a good idea to check your state laws. Often, the camera itself is fine but you’re not legally allowed to record certain things. Avoid placing cameras in bathrooms or bedrooms to avoid violating anyone’s privacy. You should also consider carefully whether or not you want to record your family members. While watching your infant or toddler is a genuine safety issue, your school-aged children might not take too kindly to having their privacy violated.

Are Light Bulb Cameras Wireless?

Yes, light bulb cameras are wireless.

Is It Legal To Use Cameras Hidden In Light Bulbs?

Yes, it is legal to use cameras hidden in light bulbs in your property like home, guest house, or in offices.

How Is The Light Camera Connected To Mobile Phones?

The light camera is connected to mobile phones via internet network through Wi-Fi or any other 2G/3G/4G network.

Will My Camera Work While The Light Is Off?

Yes, the camera works even when the light is switched off. This is because nowadays most cameras are manufactured with an infrared illumination that enables the camera to see in total darkness.

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