The 8 Best Backpack Mount for 360 Cameras in 2023

The 8 Best Backpack Mount for 360 Cameras in 2023

When it comes to take some immersive shots on your 360-degree camera while traveling in adventurous places or having a great bike ride with friends the best backpack mount for 360 camera is the best investment you can make.

The products picked in this guide are based on my personal experience after many years, and some of my friends that I go to ride with. Also, I consider some verified buyers review on the shop to make sure we’re not the only persons who enjoyed those products. Most of these best Backpack mount for 360 cameras are very affordable, you will not have to break the bank if you decide to go for one of them.

1.TELESIN 360 Rotation Backpack Camera

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  • Multifunctional
  • Compatible with the majority of action cameras
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable and rotatable
  • Secure


  • Only available in black color

Security is important in everything, every action. So, talking about security, this 360 camera backpack mount have an adjustable shoulder fits with a multiple size for the shoulder straps and that give more possibility to be used by a lot of people with different body size. The pat baseplate is also made of shock absorbing elastomer to be comfortably fits and reduces the shaking of the video when you’re moving.

The package you will get comes with one selfie stick for the camera, a frame case, J-Hook plus one pc screw, and 1pc Backpack Strap Mount + 1pc 360. If you need other accessories to get your work done, you will have to get them separately.

2.SUREWO 360° Rotation Backpack Strap

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If you want one of the best backpack mount for 360 camera to shoot immersive video footage on bike, ice skiing, or for your vlog then Surewo is the first best backpack mount that you can consider. The main highlight that makes it too good is its shark-like clip design which is super strong plus the build quality is cherry on top.

You can fully adjust this strap mount to 360-degree angle by simple rotation. So there is more room for angle to take footage.

And story doesn’t end here, several users have been praising for the high quality of backpack mount that fit in any place of backpack without any worry.

Coming to the price part then it comes under budget-friendly price point which is its USP.

Overall, this is perfect for one who wants an affordable plus easy-to-use backpack mount for outdoor activity.

3.Smatree Backpack Compatible

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  • 3 GoPro Mounts
  • Durable EVA material
  • Perfect for hiking, rollerblading, etc.
  • Water resistant bag
  • Camera compartments for DJI, GoPro
  • Pole included for 360 view
  • Hardshell Backpack


  • Can’t fit larger items
  • Bulky

We’ve compiled this list of the best backpack mounts for 360 cameras. These mounts will make it easy to take your camera with you wherever you go!

The Smatree Backpack is the go-to for adventure videographers who shoot 360 video. Equipped on this bag are multiple GoPro mounts where you can attach your DJI, Insta360 or GoPro cameras.The pole that is included with the backpack makes this a great option for true, unobstructed 360 video.

With the Smatree Backpack Mount for 360 cameras, you can use many angles and integrate your camera shots to your backpack. The variety of pockets and designated areas for specific camera pieces make this a worthwhile backpack to invest in.

It’s made of quality EVA+PC material, which is comfortable and durable for adventurers, bikers, etc. It won’t be great for running due to the size.Typically, this backpack is used by DJI Mavic Drone users but can extend to Insta360 users no problem. The backpack is water resistant and durable in all sorts of conditions. It’s a versatile bag that is made for 360 degree content-focused creators.

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4.STUNTMAN Pack Mount

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  • Easy to adjust horizontally and vertically
  • Heavy straps duty and joints
  • Excellent value for money
  • Easy to assemble


  • Weak material
  • A bit heavy

The Stuntman Pack Mount is the ultimate accessory for any action camera. It’s a large base plate made of a semi-rigid elastomer that fits comfortably and controls camera movement.

With the Stuntman Pack Mount, you can use your GoPro camera for adventures and extreme sports without worrying about it falling off of your shoulder. The mount is made of a lightweight and durable material that is designed to hold your camera securely in place.

Fits straps up to 2.5 inches wide. Ball joint design allows you to point your camera in any direction.

5.Professional GoPro Mount for Backpack Strap

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  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and adjustable


  • Especially made for GoPro
  • Only available in black color

This 360 camera backpack mount is first appeared on the market for the first time in April 2021, it is a multifunctional camera designed more likely for GoPro Hero series, but it can also work perfectly with most of the inta360 One 4k camera series.

Key Features

The first thing that make me consider this as one of the best backpack mount for 360 camera out there is the Multi Gears Adjustable Buckle. Yes, it is an upgraded shoulder mount designed with 2 types of adjustable buckles with a lot of gears. The tool is suitable for different thickness of large backpack straps, camera backpacks, waist belt, safety harness, and other places.

The portability and stability are also to consider. It is very different from other backpacks, you will not have to worry about falling and moving, the strap mount is made with a high quality PC and ABS plastics, that make it more firmly. The entire design is very compact and lightweight, you can carry it everywhere without problem. It also have a smooth edge and soft silicone cushion that make it more comfortable to champ.

It is compatible with multiple sport cameras. This best backpack mount for 360 cameras is compatible with major action cameras such as the GoPro Hero9, Hero8, Hero7, Hero6, Hero5, Hero4 and also compatible with the Insta360 One Models, Osmo Action and many others out there.

It can shoot and clamp videos for multiple angle. If you’re looking for a mount for your camera to traveling walking, outdoor surfing, parachute, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, biking, or other outdoor sports activities and free your hands, this is a good product to get. Just install it in few easy steps and start shooting unique angle view videos.

The package comes with 1pc Backpack Strap Camera Mount + 1pc Thumb Screw, the other accessories like the frame case and the camera doesn’t come in. The company also have a warranty for the product, so if you have any problem or not satisfied by the quality of the object, they can refund your money or give you another.

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6.Outdoor Camera Holder Belt Bracket

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  • Good fit on the hip
  • Durable material
  • Perfect for running, climbing, hiking, cycling, etc.
  • Suitable for long recordings
  • Easily adjustable


  • No pole included
  • Pricey

A must-have for 360 Video adventure, the Mugast Camera Waist Belt will make your experience even more enjoyable. This versatile belt bracket is the perfect solution for streaming and recording 360 video.

The Camera Waist Belt is a great accessory for those who want to go hands free completely. If you are cycling, skateboarding, running, in a car or walking, this mount will be perfect for your 360 camera.

It’s made of quality EVA+PC material, which is comfortable and durable. You can wear it around the waist, hands-free while doing outdoor sports.

7.VGSION Camera Accessory Kit Chest Mount Wrist Strap

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How does the accessory kit for 360 camera mount sounds to you? If interesting then let me introduce you to Vgsion camera accessory kit. Here in the kit, you’ll get chest mount, head strap mount, wrist strap mount, and backpack clamp mount that allow you to shoot at various angles plus you can do adventurous activities like skating, cycling, and hiking without any worry.

The best thing about this kit is it comes under an affordable price point. Moreover, the quality of products is very well. Users are loving for mount camera at desired location as per activity.

When it comes to compatibility then here it supports best 360 camera brands like GoPro hero 10, 9, One RS, insta360, and more action cameras.

Overall, if you want pretty good deal and the best backpack mount for 360 camera then this is another good option you can check out.

8.Insta360 Motorcycle Accessory Bundle

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  • Perfect for motorcycles, bikes
  • Easy to install to GoPro clips
  • Durable material
  • Versatile with camera position


  • Could be sturdier

With the Insta360 Motorcycle Accessory Bundle, you can take your riding to the next level. Whether you’re on a dirt track, road trip or track day, this accessory will give you an entirely new perspective.

With the Insta360 Motorcycle Accessory Bundle, you can finally capture the views that have always been right in front of you. Your viewers will be amazed by the videos you’ll capture, with the 360° perspective that formally only could be achieved with a drone.It is designed to give you the most stable, secure, and enjoyable way to capture 360-degree videos while riding your motorcycle.

The Claw + Double Ball Mount is perfect for attaching to your handlebars or clamping to rails and bars on your bike.With a compact size and a lightweight design, you can easily mount this accessory on your motorcycle without affecting your overall ride experience.You can mount this on a backpack or a motorcycle for your desired visual capturing technique.

Choosing the Best Best Backpack Mount For 360 Camera-The buying Guide

Getting a backpack mount for a 360-degree camera is necessary if you do hiking and various adventurous stunts. With it, you can record the videos and capture images without any worry of holding the camera. The mount will do the deed. Now you must consider what to consider before buying the right backpack clip for holding your camera. Here you go!


Always make sure what the mount is made of. The quality used in ints makes the material superior. Ignoring this thing can lead to wastage of your money and time. Also, if you buy one without knowing the mount’s material, it will break. Yes, you read this right. The mount will fall apart, and your shooting will be disrupted. So, know the material’s quality first and then make the purchase.


This is the main factor to ponder on. If you’re buying a mount for occasional use, you can pick one for less price. If you’re going on thrilling rides or adventures, go for one with a high price with the best features. It’ll last longer and will have the capability to hold your camera for a longer time. So, don’t compromise on the price if the deal is good.


There are variations in size. Each mount is not perfect for every camera. Some suit well with the large cameras, while others fit the small cameras. So, before making a purchase, check if you’re perfectly attached against the mount or not. Think, check, decide and then buy the product.

Make Quality

Apart from other factors, build quality also matters. What if the mount looks cool, but it lacks good make quality? You’ll end up losing your money for the crap. It’s better to do a proper inspection and check if the quality of the mount is robust or not. Go for it if you think it can last long and hold your camera properly.


When buying a mount for your camera, look at how its build material looks. Don’t go for it if it gives a weak look, as it may break later. Also, make sure you buy the one whose strap is comfy and sturdy. Moreover, mount durability is a combo of two aspects,i-e, the build quality, and material. These two things let the users know if the mount is worth purchasing or not. Another thing you wouldn’t want into your camera holder is falling while you’re busy doing your stunts.

So, make sure you buy the one with a strong grip, sturdy look, and a robust structure. We want you to spend your money on the right product, so you don’t have to purchase the same product again and again.

Why You Need a Backpack Mount for a 360 Camera

If you have a 360 camera, you’ll want to find a way to keep it attached while you’re doing your favorite outdoor things. A backpack mount specially designed for 360 cameras can help you do that easily and hands-free.


Your 360 camera is for photos, videos and panoramic shots. A long pole is necessary to take these types of shots, so make sure you have one before you start using your 360 camera.

How to attach a mount to a backpack?

It’s very easy. The mount comes with strong clips having a grip as sturdy as the shark’s teeth. You can attach it to the backpack or the left and right shoulder strap. Also, you can later remove it easily as well.

Will my camera rotate if I fix it on the mount?

Yes, the mount comes with a ball joint. Its purpose is to let you set the camera at different angles. You can rotate it the way and wherever you want.

Can I attach a camera mount to the bosom?

Yes, you can fix the mount in front of the strap. There’s an option to either attach it to the bosom or below it.

Will it give a tighter grip?

Yes, absolutely. The mounts for the backpack we have chosen have an excellent grip. They won’t fall off the bag regardless of any activity you do.

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