Electric Epilator Benefits, Dangers, and Recommendations

Do you know about the advantages, dangers, and recommendations of hair removal with an electric epilator? The new epilators do not hurt, they are fast, and the result is worth it.


  • They are fast; one of the most widespread hairs removal methods after waxing is the electric epilator; with these fabulous devices, it is possible to remove body hair in a few minutes and guarantee that our skin will be free of them three weeks.
  • Electric epilators pull out the hair at the root and have several speeds as functions, for example, massage that reduces the pain generated by the pull. Others come with special devices to shave the bikini area or cause cold to numb the skin and make it painless.
  • It is an ideal system for legs, armpits, and groin. Still, it usually generates ingrown hairs, especially in areas where the hair is thicker, so performing an exfoliation before and after waxing is recommended.
  • Current machines have special tweezers to grab even the shortest hair, so it is not necessary to wait for it to grow to be able to remove it, as happens with wax.
  • The benefit it offers in comparison with other techniques is that it is a cheap system since the expense is only for the device. It is done only once, it is a hygienic and practical way of removing hair, and above all, it does that the hairs grow less and less and with less thickness.
  • Many girls are afraid to use them because of the “pain” they can cause them. While it is true that the first electric epilators (those from several years ago) did some damage, the current ones hardly notice a slight pull. Some have accessories put in the freezer and then attached to the epilator so that when you pass it, you see the sensation of ice on the skin. This decreases the discomfort of hair removal.

Epilator Pros

Long-Lasting Results

One of the best benefits of epilation is that it provides long-lasting smoothness. Epilation pulls hairs out by the root, so they take longer to grow back. You only need to epilate once or twice a month to enjoy silky-smooth skin, all day, every day.

No In-Between Days

If you wax, you know that you have to grow your hair out a while before waxing will work. Not so with epilation. Epilators are better at grabbing really short hairs that waxing can’t. In fact, some epilators can remove hairs as short as half a millimeter. In contrast, waxing usually requires hairs that are at least 2 millimeters long.

Can Be Less Painful Than Waxing

Compared to waxing, some epilators are more gentle and can cause less pain. This is because many epilators these days come with built-in mechanisms like massaging heads that trick your nervous system into feeling less pain. They can also be used in a hot bath or shower, which reduces pain and makes you feel more relaxed.

Semi-Permanent Hair Removal

Epilation is definitely a temporary hair removal solution, but there are some permanent benefits if you use them long-term. Roots can only grow back so many times, so hair growth reduces over time.

In the meantime, hair grows back with finer tips than with shaving, so hairs are softer and less noticeable.

All Over Body Hair Removal

Epilators can be used all over the body, including the legs, arms, face, underarms, and bikini area. Most epilators come with multiple caps that you can put on the head so the epilator will work better on certain areas like the face or bikini area.

Zero-Waste Hair Removal

Epilators produce no waste, other than the hairs they remove. There’s no shaving creams, no supplies, no disposable parts to buy. They use a minimal amount of electricity as well. Essentially, they are one of the greenest methods of hair removal.

One of the Cheapest Hair Removal Methods

Once you buy an epilator, that’s it. There are no additional costs. A good quality epilator can be bought for around $100 and it should last at least one or two years. Many can last much longer than that.

Compare this to one waxing session, which can cost $30 or more or the price of replacing razors every month and you can quickly see that epilation can save lots of money compared to other hair removal methods.

Ideal Hair Removal for Extra Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin or skin that gets irritated easily, an epilator can be a blessing.

Epilation doesn’t pull on the skin or rub against it like shaving. It doesn’t require chemicals like depilatory creams. It’s like using tweezers, so the skin is minimally affected. You’ll be a little red, but other than the possibility of ingrown hairs, epilation doesn’t have many drawbacks for sensitive skin.

Since daily hair removal with water can dry out the skin, it’s also a great hair removal method if you have skin that dries out easily.

Hair Removal for All Hair Types and Skin Colors

Epilation won’t affect the color or tone of your skin, so no worries in that department.

There are epilators designed for every hair type as well. Whether you have coarse hair, thin hair, dark hair, light hair, or anything in-between, epilation will remove your hair.

Fast DIY At Home Hair Removal

Owning an epilator means that you don’t have to go to the salon anymore for waxing. So no more awkward moments when you are half-naked with a stranger who inflicts pain on you.

As I’ve heard one epilator user say, pain can be more tolerable when you are the one in control of it (like with an epilator). It’s more stressful when you are at the mercy of someone else (like with waxing.)

Being able to remove hair at home is also less time-consuming. You don’t have to make time for a commute to your appointment. And you don’t have to work around someone else’s schedule. You can do it anytime you want.

Convenient Hair Removal for Travel

Epilation is a great hair removal method for traveling. e largest epilators on the market can fit into a purse or travel bag with ease. There are no messy creams or waxes and you don’t need water. If you have a cordless model, you can epilate pretty much anywhere, even out in the wilderness or an airport bathroom.

Easy and Simple Way to Remove Hair

Learning to shave or wax can be a little difficult. You can end up with cuts or just a huge mess of wax all over the place until you get more skilled with those methods.

There’s no learning curve with epilation. Modern epilators are easy to use. Just one epilation session or two, and you will be a pro.

Hair Removal for Busy People

No more waking up early every morning to shave. No more rushing from work to the salon for waxing. No more sitting around with stinky creams on your legs, waiting for them to work.

Essentially, epilation is a great option for busy, stressed-out people. It is the least time consuming hair removal method. Just turn on some Netflix and chill with your epilator for 30 minutes, twice a month.

Prior, everything seems to be advantageous when it comes to shaving with an electric epilator. But, unfortunately, we will tell you that this method also has drawbacks and that it is not a completely safe method either, but instead has its risks.

Among the main drawbacks of hair removal with an electric epilator is that it is not recommended to use them on sensitive areas. In this way, in places such as the groin, the areola area, or the pubis and genital area, it is preferable to opt for other methods.

Epilator Cons

Epilator Pain

This is one of the most dreaded aspects of epilators. Epilator pain sucks. It can be really horrible the first few sessions. Some people try epilating and decide they just can’t handle it. But for those who can get through the first few times, it does get better. Eventually, most epilator users don’t experience pain when epilating, just some mild discomfort.

Ingrown Hair From Epilating

Some people never get ingrown hairs, no matter what hair removal method they use. For those who are prone to ingrown hairs, epilating can be a huge downside.

If you want to prevent ingrown hairs after epilation, I recommend exfoliating like crazy before and after you epilate and then at least once a week. This doesn’t work perfectly to stop ingrown hairs for everyone, but for most people, it does the trick.

However, the good news is that epilation does make hairs finer and softer over the years, so it is possible that long-term epilator users can become less prone to ingrown hairs just from this side effect of epilating.

Epilator Cost

The upfront investment for epilation can be an obstacle for some people. It’s definatley more expensive than a bag of disposable razors and shaving cream.

However, even the best epilators on the market can be bought for around $100 these days. If you are on a tight budget, some epilators are as low as $30.

Epilator Charging Time and Epilator Batteries

Cordless epilators are nice to have, but you have to keep on top of charging them before you use them. And some don’t have rechargeable batteries. With these, you have to worry about the additional cost of replacement batteries. If you don’t keep some extra batteries around, you may find yourself half-way through epilating a leg when your battery dies. Not an ideal situation.

Skin Redness After Epilation

After you epilate, your skin is going to be red. If you use an epilator, you do have to plan ahead a little due to this inconvenience. Epilating at night is an easy way to solve this, though. It gives your skin time to calm down before you have to be out in public again.

Epilators and Sensitive Areas

Although epilation can be done anywhere on the body, some people find it is just too painful to epilate certain areas, like the bikini area. A lot of people end up using an epilator for legs, but then turning to other methods for their underarms, bikini area, and face. This is obviously not an ideal situation but may work for you too.

Prepare your skin for hair removal:

In addition, the electric epilator can cause subcutaneous hairs to form or become encrusted, making its removal more complicated and, if not taken care of, it can even cause discomfort because the hair grows into the skin, causing pain and a minor infection.

Another drawback of this type of system is that, contrary to what is said about it, the electric epilator can cause pain, especially in people who are too sensitive, because they will feel a kind of pinch that is quite unpleasant for beginners.

Due to these pecks that the epilator gives, we can suffer minor wounds or burns on the skin that, in addition to being annoying, are unsightly.


Most of the time, the inconveniences when it comes to hair removal come because we have not known how to use the epilator correctly. Therefore, here we give you some tips for hair removal with an electric epilator.

The first piece of advice is that before waxing, whatever method you use, do an exfoliation. This will help you dig out the hairs and keep them ingrown.

Do not insist on plucking concise hair with a clipper. You will only irritate your skin and hurt yourself.

Moisturize your skin very well before and after waxing. Waxing is an attack on the skin and requires extra care.

As you pass the epilator, with the other hand, stretch the skin to open the follicle.

After waxing, calm your skin with a cold shower and a good moisturizer without rubbing.


With summer, the time has come to expose more body parts, so both men and women worry more about keeping our hair removal up to date. Although we should consider it throughout the year, now is when we are interested in showing off smooth and soft skin, so we will review the different techniques and methods to help you choose which of them suits you, depending on the occasion.

We have depilatory creams and the blade in the most used “home” methods. The former are inexpensive, less painful than waxing, and last longer than the razor method. It is a good option among all the available techniques. Still, you must remember that it does not pull out the hair at the root: it dissolves in just a few minutes, thanks to products derived from sulfur (salts of thioglycolic acid) that transform the keratin of the hair into a mass that can be easily removed.

Razor hair removal is the simplest, cheapest, fastest, and most practical method. The biggest drawback of this system is that the hair proliferates in a disorderly way, not to say that it does so in greater quantity and with greater hardness. If what you are looking for is a system to shave your groin, forget about this one…

The wax method is one of the oldest and most effective techniques, although somewhat painful. It is generally used for legs, groin, and armpits. It lasts between 3 and 4 weeks, and we find it in hot, warm, and cold variants. Hot wax is not recommended for people suffering from varicose veins or circulatory problems. It is also not recommended for people with a lot of hair since the session can be painful and prolonged when trying to remove too much hair. Warm wax is currently the most used since among its advantages is that it does not affect people with circulatory problems. Perfect hair removal is achieved to the root and does not leave the skin reddened.

Laser hair removal allows permanent hair removal and is practically painless. This method allows the destruction of the hair bulb without affecting the adjacent tissues through selective thermolysis. The duration of the treatment depends on the amount of hair to be removed, the extension of the area to be treated, the color of your skin, and the thickness and color of your hair. Generally, 4 to 6 months are necessary (one session per month) since the hair grows in cycles and must be eliminated in the appropriate process. As the laser only acts on dark areas due to melanin, it is not efficient for white or very light hair.

Pulsed light hair removal lightens hair for long-lasting hair removal. This technique is similar to laser hair removal, as it is not a laser beam but an intense light distributed by pulses thanks to a lamp called “flash.”

Definitive electric hair removal offers the most effective long-term solution to forget about the hair finally. One by one, it consists of burning the cells responsible for hair growth. A fine needle is introduced to the root of each strand, and it is destroyed thanks to the heat it emits through a short electrical discharge.

What is the advantage of using epilator?

One benefit of using an epilator is that you’ll get smoother skin, and the results may last longer than most other hair removal methods, like shaving, depilatory creams, or tweezing. Results vary from person to person, but you can expect smooth skin for up to 4 weeks.

Are electric epilator good?

In general, epilators remove more hair than electric shavers do. Although they can take more time and effort to use than shavers, they can save you time and energy in the long run. Because an epilator removes hairs at the root, you won’t have to use it again for several weeks.

Do epilators have side effects?

A big side effect of epilation is redness and inflammation, because the hair has been pulled out with some force. You will see redness right after epilation, and it may take a couple of hours to subside. Redness is increased if you remove coarser, thicker hair or if your skin is sensitive.

Does epilator darken skin?

“Epilators are incredibly traumatic to your skin, so darker skin tones can develop discoloration after prolonged use,” says Ingleton.

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