Blood Pressure Monitor Smart Watches

Blood Pressure Monitor Smart Watches

The start of the year is a great time to set some fitness goals, and monitoring your blood pressure is one of the simplest ways to track your progress. That’s because it shows how exercise is improving your heart’s health. In the past, measuring your blood pressure would require a visit to the doctor – but today, it’s as simple as strapping on an activity tracker or smartwatch. Here are some of the best and most affordable blood pressure watches that will help you on your fitness journey.

Do you want to track your blood pressure? If yes, having a smartwatch with a blood monitor is undoubtedly the need of the hour.

A smartwatch with a blood pressure monitor actively analyzes your blood pressure levels during exercise, walking, running, and sleeping without the need of having a separate blood pressure monitoring device.

7 Best Blood Pressure Watches in 2022: Our Top Picks

Most accurate blood pressure watchSAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4
Most lightweight blood pressure watchOMRON
Best overallHalfSun Fitness Tracker
Best championSmart Watch
Best runner-upMorePro Heart Rate Monitor Blood Pressure Fitness Activity Tracker
Best runner-upWAFA Fitness Tracker
Editor’s Picksyussa Smart Watch

Top1.SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 4

Blood Pressure Monitor Smart Watches

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  • Very intuitive UX
  • Different sizes
  • Numerous fitness and health tracking features
  • Stylish designs
  • Reasonably priced


  • Only for Android users
  • Blood Pressure is based on sensors
  • Limited battery life

The Galaxy Watch 4 is among the rare smartwatch on the market to offer the possibility of an FDA-cleared EKG that detects Atrial Fibrillation and Heart rhythm abnormalities. The Apple Watch and the Fitbit ones also benefit from this clearance.

The blood pressure monitor and the oxygen level monitor are somehow not FDA cleared. It means that the Galaxy Watch is not a medical device when measuring these parameters. Use it for information only, and when in doubt, double-check with your doctor.

With its stunning design and stellar healthcare capabilities, the Samsung Galaxy watch’s blood pressure is a serious contender and our overall favorite. With a vast catalog of watch faces to choose from, it is possible to find the one that will suit your mood or circumstances. The only drawback of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 lies in the battery life, which doesn’t last more than 40 hours. Even though, it is a huge step forward when compared to the scarce 18 hours of the Apple Watch 7.


Blood Pressure Monitor Smart Watches

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This FDA-cleared medical device uses an inflatable cuff inside the watchband that you activate when you want to take your blood pressure. Readings take around 30 seconds.

It syncs up to a companion app called HeartAdvisor, which provides information about your readings. The app collects and stores your data in the form of color-coded graphs that help you see trends in your readings, based on variables such as exercise and time of day. The HeartAdvisor app is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Pros: Readings are quick and accurate, and the watch has lots of amenities besides blood pressure. It also helps you track and monitor fitness goals and sleep patterns. The display is simple to read, even if you are farsighted. The watch can send notifications when you receive texts and emails, and an extended warranty is available from the manufacturer to protect your purchase.

Cons: Some reviewers say that this watch is bulky and uncomfortable to wear. It’s also important that you get the right size for your wrist. People with slim wrists might find this watch heavy. The biggest con of all might be the price, which is the highest on our list. Even though it’s incredibly expensive, the watch does not appear to be waterproof.

Top3.HalfSun Fitness Tracker

Blood Pressure Monitor Smart Watches

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Alongside standard smartwatch functions like Bluetooth phone connection, GPS, remote camera and alarms, and day-to-day activities, the HalfSun tracker also monitors your heart rate and blood pressure continuously. It also records your all-day activities, including your steps, active minutes, and sleep. Even better, it has a cycle tracker for women that can be switched on and off as needed.

Top4.Smart Watch

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Maintain an active and healthy lifestyle with the Pradory Smart Watch. Critical functions for your heart health include heart rate and blood pressure monitoring and a sedentary reminder to get up and move around after sitting for an hour. Time can get away from you, especially while working, so it’s an easy and convenient way to add more movement into your day.

Choose from eight sports modes when it’s time to hit the gym, track, or court. It’s even waterproof so you can take it swimming. Other core functions include sleep tracking, weather, camera control, pedometer, and alarm clock. Lastly, it’s iOS and Android compatible, connecting via Bluetooth with a five to seven-day battery life.

Top5.MorePro Heart Rate Monitor Blood Pressure Fitness Activity Tracker

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This fitness and sleep tracker takes blood pressure and heart rate readings, which are stored in a companion app. In online reviews, some users say it’s remarkably reliable, especially for an inexpensive watch.

Pros: It includes a heart rate alarm feature and a fatigue test. Other interesting features include an alert system that tells you to stand up when you’ve been sitting for too long. Even though this watch is priced for a smaller budget, it’s waterproof. You can choose from several different color bands according to your preference. No wires are required to charge on the wireless charging station.

Cons: This watch isn’t the most stylish of the bunch, and no one is going to mistake it for a regular watch. The display is meant to be easy to read, but the screen is a bit small. There doesn’t seem to be any warranty available for this watch, though you can purchase a replacement strap if it breaks.

Top6.WAFA Fitness Tracker

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Enjoy real-time tracking of your blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep quality to get an accurate and continuous picture of your health. This fitness tracker also monitors your activity levels with sports mode, GPS, distance, stopwatch, and more. Plus, it’ll tell you to get up and get moving when you’ve been sedentary for too long. Stay connected with calls and messaging alerts, as well as an alarm to wake you up in the morning. It also has a powerful battery life, with five to seven days of power from one two-hour charge. Finally, you can choose from an array of fun colors, including black, white, blue, and green, to best match your look.

Top7.yussa Smart Watch | 2022

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Measure your blood pressure over the course of the day with the Yussa Smart Watch. It’s much more convenient than a regular cuff, and you don’t need to be connected to your phone. Plus, the long-lasting seven-day battery also means you won’t miss a beat. In addition to pressure, it also monitors blood oxygen, an important factor for adventurers and athletes. A large LCD screen makes it simple to read results, while extra functionality comes in the form of sport tracking modes. Choose from walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, and swimming. Lastly, it’s IP67 waterproof rated and can also control your music, camera, and alarm clock.

What Is Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure refers to the amount of pressure the blood pumping through your body puts on the walls of your arteries. It changes throughout the day, depending on various factors such as activity levels and stress. Two measurements show when taking your blood pressure. The top number is your systolic blood pressure, which is the force when your heart beats. Meanwhile, the bottom number, or diastolic reading, is the force between beats. In general, a healthy reading is 120/80. High blood pressure puts you at risk of significant health issues, including heart attacks, stroke, and kidney disease. However, lifestyle factors can help maintain healthy blood pressure. This includes a nutritious diet, regular exercise, a healthy weight, managing stress, and avoiding smoking.

Do I Need to Track My Blood Pressure?

If you’re a relatively healthy person with no known blood pressure issues, you don’t have to track your blood pressure. However, it can provide some interesting insights and help you keep on top of things. If you do have high blood pressure, regular monitoring can be helpful. You’ll be able to see if it gets higher, identify triggers for increases, and give your general care practitioner better insights into your health.

The Benefits of Blood Pressure Watches

There are many benefits to blood pressure watches. It can give you an insight into your health throughout the day and is incredibly convenient, especially if connected to an app that records the data. Blood pressure watches also often come with other great features such as sleep tracking and activity monitoring. Adequate levels of both rest and exercise can contribute positively to good blood pressure, so it’s beneficial to monitor all of them with one device. However, it is essential to note that blood pressure watches are not medical equipment and should not replace regular check-ups with your doctor.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor Smart Watch 2022

How to choose

If you’re in the market for a wearable device that tells you your blood pressure, you’ll need to establish the key features that are important to you before you start to shop.

First, you’ll need to decide whether you’re looking for a wearable blood pressure monitor that happens to tell time, or if what you want is a fitness tracker that supplies blood pressure readings. If you want a wearable blood pressure monitor, you may want to purchase one of the devices the FDA has approved. Fitness trackers aren’t currently subject to any FDA oversight.

Next, consider how the device will need to fit in with your lifestyle. Some devices are so waterproof that you can wear them while swimming, while others can’t even be on the bathroom counter while you run a steamy shower. Also, become acquainted with how long the battery life lasts on your preferred device, since some need to be charged quite often.

The display of the device you use makes a difference. Ask yourself:

  • Is the design intuitive?
  • Will you be able to read the screen easily?
  • Do you feel like you can navigate the menu of the device to maximize its value and use all of its features?

Some blood pressure watches and fitness trackers sync to both Apple and Android devices, but others do not. Check the compatibility of your preferred device before you buy.

Pricing varies widely, so look around to make sure that you’re buying something you can afford. Some products don’t have a lot of up-front costs but may require you to pay for a monthly service plan to keep the device active.

Are these really the best blood pressure watches?

The best blood pressure monitor will always be an FDA-approved or cleared medical device. A smartwatch will always be an alternative. When considering all the fitness watches offer, a balance must be found between your budget and expectations.

Wearable blood pressure watches have a lot to offer. However, always consider them to quickly obtain information about your blood pressure and not as a clinical device.

In case of doubts, the data will still have to be taken with a grain of salt. Always consult your doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare professionals if your blood pressure needs extra monitoring.

What should you consider when buying a blood pressure watch?

Just as for any blood pressure monitoring device, there are various elements to consider when choosing the perfect device:

Accuracy: Accuracy is one of the key points to consider, but not only. Don’t forget to calibrate the PPG watches regularly. When in doubt, the Cleveland Clinic advises taking three measurements at 30 to 60 seconds intervals. By averaging the readings, you will get close to the real value.

Extra features: A smartwatch opens the doors to plenty of applications such as fitness or calorie tracking, heart monitoring, sleep tracking, and more. Balance the features and choose the smartwatch that is the most in line with your expectations and lifestyle.

Price: A FDA-cleared blood pressure monitor costs between $50 and $100 depending on the design, built quality, and associated apps. Except for the Omron, all the smartwatches are not designed mainly for blood pressure monitoring. Therefore, do not consider them as medical devices, and no need to break the bank for an additional function.

Can my watch read my blood pressure?

While many smartwatches can read your pulse, fewer are designed to read blood pressure, as it’s more advanced technology. You’ll need to do your research before making a purchase, and confirm how the watch takes the measurement, as some require additional equipment. It’s also best to read reviews before committing to a model.

How do you check blood pressure on a smartwatch?

There are a few methods of measuring your blood pressure, depending on the watch you own. The first uses the strap like a blood pressure cuff, inflating to take the measurement. The second method uses advanced sensors to take a reading, and the final method uses a separate device connected to the watch. These readings can be manual or automatic, and the data then syncs to an accompanying app.

Can an Apple watch take your blood pressure?

The Apple Watch cannot take your blood pressure on its own – it needs to be paired with a separate device. Bluetooth and wireless blood pressure monitors, such as QardioArm or Omron Evolv, can be linked to the watch and through the Health App. These wireless devices are often more accurate, and some are approved by the FDA.

Why measuring Blood Pressure is essential?

High blood pressure is often seen as a behavioral disease. The modern lifestyle and diet are mainly responsible. Patients often do not know that they suffer from such pathology that can be controlled using efficient medications. Checking Blood Pressure is critical to avoid severe health consequences such as strokes or heart attacks.

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