Best ballroom dance shoes for beginners

Best ballroom dance shoes for beginners

No matter if you are a professional, a new dancer or a dancing lover, you need to wear a good pair to match the dance surface. If you are going to try the ballroom dancing exercises, you could look for the best ballroom dance shoes. The shoes can become an essential companion to improve your performance.

So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, read on for tips on how to find the perfect pair of shoes for your next dance competition or social outing!

Best ballroom dance shoes for beginners

1CLEECLI Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes LatinView on Amazon
2TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance ShoesView on Amazon
3OCHENTA Women’s Sequined Leather Dance ShoesView on Amazon
4Gogodance Men’s Ballroom Dance ShoesView on Amazon
5TTdancewear RhinestonesView on Amazon
6Bloch Dance Men’s Xavier Ballroom ShoeView on Amazon
7NLeahershoe Breathable Lace-up Dancing Leather Latin ShoesView on Amazon
8Faranzi Tuxedo Shoes Patent LeatherView on Amazon

What are The Best Ballroom Dance Shoes for Men & Women?

Whether you attend a party with dancing or practicing exercises in a class, you need to ensure that you take the appropriate shoes. The ballroom dance shoes, for example, are created to have the right traction to balance your movement.

Comfort is another key point in choosing suitable footwear. This list of the best ballroom dance shoes on the market may bring you an exact option.

  1. CLEECLI Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes Latin

View on Amazon

Thickened straps, enough quantity of holes for the buckle. Style meets sophistication with this pair of cross-strap dance shoes for women.

Crafted from lightweight materials. High elastic latex midsole, sweat absorption suede insole, soft, breathable lining, extremely soft to the touch.

Simple and generous style design with high-quality satin and mesh upper. Very durable, comfortable dancing shoes allow you to glide across the floor easily and gracefully

2.TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes

View on Amazon

TTdancewear produces quality dance shoes for both beginner and seasoned professionals. The Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes is no exception.

Put the dance shoe on and off without stress – thanks to its easy-release buckles.

Available in a variety of colors, Feel free to make your choice from arrays of shiny colors. Rhinestone comes with a suede sole that keeps your foot stable for the right traction and the right moves while showing off your dancing skill. You won’t lose your balance as you dance.

If style, comfort, and a reasonable price are your priorities, this ballroom dancing shoe might tick your boxes. You can get them in multiple colors and styles.

Overall, the Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes has a long ankle strap and wide toe base, making it a perfect fit for women with wide feet.


  • Available in different beautiful colors
  • Impressive quality at a steal
  • Made with supportive heels to the ankle
  • Easy to remove buckle is a perfect fit
  • Insole padding offers impeccable comfort


  • Not utterly comfortable after an extended use
  • Some users complain of detached heels after short-term use

3.OCHENTA Women’s Sequined Leather Dance Shoes

View on Amazon

If you love salsa, you’ll love this shoe. OCHENTA Women’s Sequined Leather offers the best of both protection and aesthetics. The shoe comes with a pointed toe and fabulous heels that pair up to turn heads at parties or dancing sessions.

It features two outsole types: the suede and the rubber outsole. Practice your dancing skills indoors with the suede outsole, while the rubber outsole lets you show off your dancing style at parties.

The soft suede offers the flexibility to slide and drift on any dance surface without fearing to fall.

An adjustable buckle keeps the shoe comfortably tightened to the feet.

I also highly recommend this ballroom dance shoe for beginners who love varieties. Besides its availability in several colors, the shoe comes in two outsole types for a great dancing experience.

The heel has received lots of applause from beginners and experts as it prides itself on comfortability.

Overall, this shoe is suited for all occasions and you can get the pair at a price that is considered fair on the pocket.


  • Two outsole types create a flexible experience
  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • It supports the foot and the arch
  • Available in five glowing colors


  • Too lengthy straps

4.Gogodance Men’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

View on Amazon


  • Accurate length
  • Modish style
  • Flexible and lightweight frame
  • Can be worn in a party with a dancing performance


  • Quite wide for narrow feet
  • No breathable holes

Gogodance has an elegant look with premium material (authentic leather) and sleek color. This workmanship gives you splendid enjoyment in every step. If you are passionate about Tango and Salsa, you should not wait for the next season to take the shoes on and attend a dance class or simply perform with your eagerness in an evening party.

Exquisite design philosophy in this footwear focuses attention on your foot length and makes sure that you get a graceful fit in style. The anti-slip feature and lightweight outsoles possibly bring you more confidence on the dance floor.

5.TTdancewear Rhinestones

View on Amazon


  • Many colors options to choose
  • Good value for the money
  • Safe fit with fast-release buckles
  • Super comfortable with padding in insoles
  • Ease of using


  • Not comfortable to wear in long hours
  • Heel detached in a short period

TTdancewear Rhinestones is the high-quality ballroom footwear for both beginners and professionals to perform on the floor with enthusiasm. The shoes are easy to put on or off due to quick-release buckles.

Made by suede (in the soles) and satin (in the uppers), you probably keep your feet on the right traction or gliding around on the dance floor without losing your balance. When you cannot control your moving, you will get in an accident.

Comes in many colors, you might select the best ballroom dance shoes to meet your dance staging.

6.Bloch Dance Men’s Xavier Ballroom Shoe

View on Amazon


  • Low shank for arch support
  • Cushioned insole for shock absorption
  • Comfortable on the feet
  • Great quality at a competitive price


  • Improper wheel alignment
  • Irregular Shoe shape
  • Not available in regular shoe size

This ballroom shoe from Bloch is the perfect fit for men who’d love to take over the dance floor with elegance.

Experience that native Latin look with the oxford design of this ballroom shoe that every dancer will love.

Bloch Dance Men’s Xavier Ballroom Shoe is a close match for tuxedo shoes designed for ballroom dance.

Feel free to perform your demi-pointed dance style with ease and flexibility – thanks to its availability in low and wide heels.

Its cushioned insole provides the comfort that your feet will adore while protecting your metatarsals as you switch dance styles.

Honestly, I recommend this 100% full-grain leather and suede sole shoe for beginners. It’s easy on the leg. Stylish on the dance floor. On top of that, it is affordable.

Made by a reputable shoe company, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

7.NLeahershoe Breathable Lace-up Dancing Leather Latin Shoes

View on Amazon

NLeahershoe Design philosophy conform to human engineering prospects and it accentuates your leg length, ensure you are graceful and stylish with it.

NLeahershoe Anti-slip and lightweight outsole comfortably fit your feet, you will feel more confident in it, move smoothly and freely on the dance floor.

NLeahershoe Premium leather for vamp, smooth and skin friendly, various air holes provide great breathability. Exquisite workmanship to bring you comfortable enjoyment.

8.Faranzi Tuxedo Shoes Patent Leather

View on Amazon


  • Long-lasting shoes
  • Solid construction
  • Aesthetic beauty
  • Not expensive


  • A little big for narrow feet

Tuxedo shoes are common footwear for the British military and they are compatible with dancers. Faranzi Tuxedo Shoes Patent Leather is a good pair of shoes for the Oxford style.

Created for black tie circumstances, the dark blue is not suitable for business suits but also for dancing parties. Straight lines, smooth leather in the uppers, and polished body make the overall appearance truly elegant.

Polished design and grosgrain detailing make the shoes well-made in every point, from the look to the outsoles.

Ballroom Dance Shoes Buying Guide: How to Choose a Good Shoe for Dancer?

To purchase the best ballroom dance shoes, you need to consider numerous points. This small task also helps you distinguish the ballroom dance pairs with other dance shoes.

Types of shoes for dancing

What types of shoes should I wear for the dance classes? This question does not come from beginners but also professionals as well. Dances have many categories and the shoes also have to meet the range of dance footwear. Here are a couple of pairs for dancing.

Ballroom shoes

The suede soles in these shoes might provide you an accurate balance of grip and twirl through the rubber and synthetics. These pairs are similar to lindy hops and the acrobatics of street dance. The best ballroom dance shoes are compatible with other dance exercises due to features.

Jazz shoes

The rubber soles or the suede patch possibly support you with traction and comfort in the foot. They may also have thick heels for shock-absorption. Jazz shoes have a wide variety of models and features such as lace-up Oxfords, slip-on, and split-sole jazz.

Ballet flats

These shoes are staples of the women’s slippers with thin flat heels, a closed-toe design, or a low-cut construction. Skimmers, flats, dolly shoes, ballerina flats, and ballerina-inspired shoes are ballet flats.

Dance sneakers

Dance sneakers have similar shapes to dance shoes, but the materials in sneakers are different. Hybrid and soft lining are pairs of sneakers. Some dance sneakers have a low-profile model and the sock-like fit to increase the support system in the soles.

Latin shoes

Dancers wear these shoes for performing in American Rhythm and International Latin. Strapped with an open-toe frame and light material (mostly it is the satin), Latin shoes possibly reach your feet. They do not have solid heels, so do not bring them to an advanced dance class with complicated movement.

Argentine Tango shoes

These shoes have leather, suedes, or hard plastic insoles to help the ball in your foot can turn around with ease. Moreover, the product allows you to keep the foot in the right place for protecting your knees as well. If your feet catch the floor, you will get an accident.

Unisex practice sneakers

The bottoms usually are suede or plastic for durability. The arch support is flexible, which enables you to feel comfy in the toe room. You can put these sneakers on daily practice, but do not bring them to a competition.

Flamenco shoes

Female dancers take these shoes on their Flamenco performances while male dancers prefer heeled boots. Leathers, synthetics, and suedes are the most popular materials in Flamenco shoes.

Tap dancing shoes

Oxfords are the most widespread shoes for tap dancing footwear and suitable for men. Mary Janes shoes are also a type of tap pair for female dancers. Leather (cow skin or goatskin) is mostly equipped to the body for elegance and endurance.

Shoe size

Shoe sizes are various from the type of lessons you are going to learn and the brand. You should check the size chart from the dance shoe manufacturers. Besides, the toe box and heel height are also rules of thumb to select the accurate shoe size.


  • Underfoot cushions: the cushioning system is equipped in the heel areas for comfort. Some ballroom dance shoes also feature cushions in the underfoot. This is a big advantage for those who got flat feet because they can control the rendition without hurting the foot.
  • Upper materials: Materials in the uppers could be leather, satin, suede, microfiber, or lambskin.
  • Laces: the role of laces is holding the construction for safety. Most of the best ballroom dance shoes for men have this feature.
  • Straps: Latin shoes often have one strap or many ones. Some straps snare around the ankle area while others keep in the forefoot. Straps are also available on a pair of ballroom dance shoes. You need to check the sturdiness of the strap before attending an event or a dance class.
  • Outsoles: the dance shoes usually have the plastic, the suede, the leather, or the rubber. To balance the traction, suede is the most appropriate material in the outsoles. And the best ballroom dance shoes tend to get the suede.
  • Toe areas: the ballroom shoes could have a close-toe design or open-toe. No matter whether you select the former or the latter; check the toe box cautiously.
  • Heel areas (height and width): in a regular pair of shoes, this feature is not a big matter. Nonetheless, heel areas are essential in dance footwear because they protect your feet. All dancing lessons require foot and heel movements. If you do not draw attention to the heel height and width, you could get an accident when performing.

Why ballroom dance shoes are worth the investment

Whether you’re learning Latin or Standard ballroom dance, dance shoes will be important, not only for your development as a dancer, but also for your safety.

  • Dance shoes help protect your knees when spinning. Ballroom dance shoes usually have a suede sole. The benefit of this type of sole is that it allows for smooth spins, while gripping the floor. This is in contrast to most shoes, which have a rubber sole. The problem with rubber soles, is that it sticks to the ground, makes spinning difficult. It also causes strain on your knee, which is damaging in the long run.
  • Ballroom dance shoes are made specifically for dancing. For example, they are cushioned in the specific parts of your foot, that will experience the most pressure from repeated dance moves. They also have the good support to prevent foot injuries. This is most important for ladies dance shoes with heels.
  • They help enhance dance performance. In many ballroom dances, pointing and flexing the toe is important. Dance shoes are structured with flexible soles that help create the full effect. For example, in latin dance, where toe pointing is important, open toe shoes are recommended.

Difference between Latin Ballroom and Standard Ballroom Dance Shoes

There are two major styles of Ballroom dance – International Standard and Latin. International standard ballroom includes Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, and quickstep. Latin Ballroom consists of Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble and Jive.

The footwork for Latin and Standard ballroom dances are quite different, which makes the types of shoes you’d use for either dance, very different. In Ballroom dance, the footwork transfers weight in both the heel and toe whereas Latin maintains weight primarily on the ball of your feet. For this reason, the heels for Latin dance shoes tend to be a bit higher. The footwork for Latin dances is much more demanding and accented. So the Latin dance shoes tend to be more elaborate.

Where to buy dance shoes

These days, the options of buying ballroom dance shoes are endless! The traditional way that people have found dance shoes for hundreds of years, was through good old fashioned brick and mortar stores. However, over the years more people, and companies have moved toward online shopping.

More and more dance stores have moved to online stores, so going to a dance shoe store is not always an option. But if you do have a reputable dance shoe store nearby, it’s always good to try on a few pairs in person to get to know the fit and see how they feel. Usually options are more limited in the store, but they should have more inventory online. It’s always good to check with the store clerk to see if there are more designs.

I would especially recommend buying in store if you’re vacationing in or happen to be in a country with low cost of living and with a strong dance cultures like Argentina or Colombia. The manufacturing costs are much lower in these countries, so the overall prices of the shoe will be much lower. For example, I purchased some beautiful high quality dance shoes in Colombia for a fraction of what it would have cost me in the United States, where I’m from. It’s also a great way to support local communities and businesses.

If you live in a smaller area and don’t have many dance stores around there are tons of options online. We’ve hand picked our favorite ballroom dance shoes – they’re all available online and can be shipped anywhere in the world. The benefit of buying online is there is a lot more variety and the options are more affordable. Most companies offer free returns, so you’ll be able to exchange for different sizes if the fit isn’t quite perfect.

Should I wear dance shoes on the streets every day?

You cannot put the dance shoes on the foot as your regular fit because suedes on the bottom may lead to an incident on a rough surface. Jazz sneakers are an exception in this case but they are not suitable pairs in your ballroom dance classes.

Why do ballroom dance shoes have suede soles?

Suedes insoles allow your feet to balance between grip and spin. The plastic and the rubber may give you hurt in knees or ankles.

Could I take tight dance shoes?

If the shoes are wide, you can spray rubbing alcohol and heat with a hairdryer. Shoes will stretch to suit your foot once you take the pairs on.

How should I keep the suede soles in a good condition?

To keep the suede soles in a good condition, purchasing a wire shoe brush is the easiest way. The brush may remove embedded detritus and dirt.

Should I buy or rent a pair of dancing shoes?

Depending on the number of hours that you practice the dance, you can make a decision. If you are in a vacancy that demands you to attend many events in a year, then you should buy rather than renting.

Why do ballroom dancers dress leather-soled shoes?

Of course – yes. Maybe newcomers can wear for their beginning courses wearing leather-soled shoes; dancing shoes are necessary to practice dancing easily, pleasantly, and perfectly. Ballroom dance shoes have a suede sole that performs that relaxed to move, turn, and to feel the ground. Meanwhile, wearing proper dance shoes, you will dance smoothly with your companion.

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