8 Best Electric Garage Heaters 120v for 2023

8 Best Electric Garage Heaters 120v for 2023

An electric garage heater is a device that is used to heat a garage or workshop. It runs on electricity and can be plugged into a standard 120-volt outlet. These heaters are typically portable and can be moved from one location to another.

Keeping a garage warm, or at least warmer, is ideal when working during the winter. One of the problems with many garages is they lack a 220-volt outlet to run a heavy duty-heater.

They are a popular choice for people who want to heat their garage or workshop without the need for gas or other fuels. Electric garage heaters can be wall-mounted or free-standing, and they come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different needs and preferences. Some models feature multiple heat settings and a built-in thermostat to help you control the temperature of your space. Others have safety features like automatic shut-off or overheat protection to prevent accidents.

8 Best Electric Garage Heaters 120v for 2023:Tested and Reviewed

The best electric garage heater for your garage or workshop will depend on your space requirements, the type of heater you want, and the safety features you need. Take a look at the products below that represent some of the best electric garage heaters in each respective category according to quality, functionality, and overall value.

#1.Comfort Zone CZQTV5M

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone CZQTV5M
Ceiling-Mounted heaters are a popular option since they are mounted up out of the way.
Easy to install
Heat output
Energy efficiency


The Comfort Zone ceiling heater has a nice mounting bracket that can be hung from a ceiling or even mounted on a bench.



  • Classic Designed
  • Smart Safety Features


  • Older Style Interface
  • Needs to Be Mounted

The On/Off switch is controlled by remote control.This type of garage heater is a permanent solution and not meant to be moved around.It is a low-cost solution that works well in many garage work environments.

#2.NewAir NGH160GA00


NewAir NGH160GA00
Looking for a world-class portable 120V garage heater? I’d suggest you go with the NewAir Electric Portable Garage Heater.
Easy to install
Heat output
Energy efficiency


It consists of a heating plate that’s installed in front of a fan, which delivers a powerful burst of hot air at 200 CFM.



  • Portable and quick setup
  • Has internal thermostat for temperature adjustment
  • Delivers a steady stream of warm air
  • Can be plugged into any outlet


  • Covers a small area
  • Doesn’t work well in drafty areas
  • Fan noise

Just buy it and place it at a suitable location in your garage. It’s compact and lightweight, so you won’t have any trouble setting it up.

This portable garage heater has a heavy-duty and durable shell that can withstand the harshest weather conditions. It also stays cool, even when the heater is running at full power.Plus, the heater also has a convenient stand and a tilting head that allows you to adjust the air flow direction.

The NewAir garage heater is perfect for heating up a surface area of 160 square feet. You can also adjust the heat settings and temperature.In terms of safety features, it includes an internal thermostat and automatic shut-off function to prevent any fire hazards or malfunction.

#3.STANLEY ST-300A-120


Stanley has produced another astounding heater that’s perfect for almost any garage. Change the heat settings, adjust the fan’s intensity, and bring it with you indoors or outdoors.
Easy to install
Heat output
Energy efficiency


Dimensions:7.5 x 8 x 11 inches (19.1 x 20.3 x 27.9 cm)
Square Footage:165



  • It’s the most portable model on the list. Six pounds (2.7 kgs) and small dimensions make it an excellent choice for those who want a compact heater.
  • It’s reliable for garages up to 165 sq. ft. (15.3 sq. m.). Again, this number falls within the aforementioned range.
  • There are multiple adjustments to choose from. You can customize this heater however you’d like to.
  • It’s ETL-certified with safety features for overheating and tipping over. Rely on the durable legs to keep it upright for many years to come.
  • You can heat any space within seconds. It runs through an efficient heating element that takes two seconds to push out warm air.


  • The grill is made of plastic, which limits its durability.
  • The knobs are a bit loose, so you’ll have to keep an eye on them.

Once you choose its location, set and lock the angle and change the thermostat. There are two settings to let you choose how hot it is, which directly impacts the operating costs. There’s also a fan power knob to adjust how fast it’s running. If you have pets or family members in the garage, you’ll enjoy the ETL-certified overheating protection.

One of the main reasons hundreds of customers prefer this heater is how quickly it heats. The company claims it starts heating within two seconds, unlike low-end heaters. Despite all of its impressive features, this Stanley electric garage heater is on the cheap side of the list’s price range.

$4.Lasko Pro-Ceramic Utility Heater


Lasko Pro-Ceramic Utility Heater
It is a 120/110 Volt 1500-watt unit that has an adjustable thermostat.
Easy to install
Heat output
Energy efficiency


Small, mobile, durable, and tough, this Lasko model is a good portable heater for a garage, construction, or any place one is needed.



  • Small and Mobile
  • Adjustable Thermostat


  • 1500 Watt Output May Be to Little for Some Garages

#5.KING KBP1230 KBP Multi-Wattage Compact Unit Heater


KING KBP1230 KBP Multi-Wattage Compact Unit Heater
Have a larger garage that gets cold in the winters? You need a heating powerhouse like the KING KBP Garage Heater.
Easy to install
Heat output
Energy efficiency


It has a tough and durable construction. It’s also one of the very few 120V garage heaters with these specifications.



  • Has a durable and heavy-duty construction
  • High-powered motor provides high fan speed
  • Allows you to switch to fan setting if the heat becomes high
  • Can alternate between wattage ratings


  • Can only be wall-mounted and requires installation
  • Has a noisy operation

This garage heater provides you with various power and voltage ratings. You can choose one that suits your requirements. It features a special Pic-A-Watt element that lets you select between different power ratings.

It has a built-in thermostat that lets you control the heat as needed. Therefore, you can turn it up as you start feeling colder.Conversely, if you think the garage is too hot, you can switch to fan settings to dissipate the heat. Its fan setting can also be used in other seasons to keep the garage comfortable.

It has a durable and strong cast iron motor that blows hot air. It can cover a 600 square feet area inside your garage.It can be mounted to the wall or ceiling, and comes with its own universal mounting bracket. You can conveniently install it on your own, and it shouldn’t take more than an hour.

#6.HETR 5120 BTU 120V /60 Hz/1500


HETR 5120 BTU 120V /60 Hz/1500
From the powerful fan to the ceramic heating element, this heater is far below comparable models’ price. It’s designed for efficiency from end to end, so you don’t have to waste time figuring out how it works.
Easy to install
Heat output
Energy efficiency


Wattage:750 to 1500
Dimensions:10.63 x 8.35 x 6.61 inches (27 x 21.2 x 16.8 cm)
Square Footage:160



  • It’s ultra-lightweight and compact enough to carry where you want to place it. There’s a handle on top for portability, too.
  • You can choose between 750w to 1500w to adjust the power usage and heater output. Feel free to change the fan’s power using the knob.
  • It’s ETL-listed for safety ratings that include a one-year warranty for most of the heater’s internal components.
  • This heater is designed to prevent overheating. It shuts off if it gets too warm but won’t get close to harmful temperatures, thanks to the ceramic heating element.


  • You can’t adjust this heater’s direction. It sits on a stable, locked base.
  • It’s a bit too small for warehouses and three-car garages.

If you’re looking for a simple space heater to keep your garage warm during the cold winter months, you’re in the right place. The HETR Ceramic Portable Space Heater proves that you don’t need high-end technology for a top-notch experience. If you’re not interested in remotes and LED screens shown in the previous entry, you’ll enjoy the two-button operation.

This compact heater is only 3.2 pounds (1.5 kgs) and 10.63 x 8.35 x 6.61 inches (27 x 21.2 x 16.8 cm). There’s a small handle on top you can use to carry the heater. The interior fan blows warm air, increasing the garage’s ambient temperature within a few minutes. There’s also an on/off switch for 750w and 1500w operation.

On the left side of the heater, you’ll find an adjustable knob. You can use it to change the fan’s power whenever you want to. The ceramic heating element ensures quick heating, durability, longevity, and thermal efficiency. It’s an excellent addition at an affordable price.

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#7.Optimus Electric Garage


Optimus Electric Garage
Optimus makes this nice ceiling heater that will need to be mounted.
Easy to install
Heat output
Energy efficiency


It is rated to heat a space up-to 300 square feet with a Max 1200 Watts and 110 volts AC.It can also be mounted anywhere heat is needed, such as a workbench or a wall.



  • Classic Designed
  • Directed Heat


  • Older Style Interface
  • Needs to Be Mounted

#8.PELONIS Oil Filled Radiator Heater


PELONIS Oil Filled Radiator Heater
Not only is it portable, but it has a powerful 1500W heating element that provides excellent heating for a surface area of 164 square feet.
Easy to install
Heat output
Energy efficiency


With a durable and heat-proof casing, the PELONIS oil filled garage heater is suitable for all types of garages. It includes 4-swivel caster wheels making it easy to move around.



  • Has a powerful and quiet operation
  • Contains built-in overheating protection and tip-over safety switch
  • Doesn’t reduce humidity in the room
  • Can be programmed to work automatically


  • Not suitable for larger garages

This garage heater is shaped like a radiator heater and is packed with advanced interactive features. It has a programmable thermostat to automatically control the temperature inside your garage.Moreover, it also features a 10-hour timer. This keeps it from overheating or wasting energy.With its remote control feature, you don’t have to tiptoe over to the heater every time you want to increase or decrease the heat.

It also features a cord rewind feature that keeps the cord safe from pulling or snapping.It also features three heating modes, including an eco-friendly mode that consumes less power.Plus, it also has a quiet operation as it does not make any annoying sounds.

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Types of Electric Garage Heaters

There are several types of electric garage heaters that you can choose from:

  • Forced air heaters: These heaters use a fan to circulate heat throughout the garage. They are usually powered by electricity and are relatively easy to install.
  • Infrared heaters: These heaters use infrared technology to heat objects and surfaces directly, rather than heating the air. They are ideal for smaller garages or for spot heating specific areas.
  • Ceiling-mounted heaters: These heaters are installed on the ceiling and use convection to circulate heat throughout the garage. They are a good choice for larger garages or for those with high ceilings.
  • Wall-mounted heaters: These heaters are installed on the wall and use convection to circulate heat throughout the garage. They are a good choice for smaller garages or for those with limited floor space.
  • Baseboard heaters: These heaters are installed along the baseboard of the wall and use convection to circulate heat throughout the garage. They are a good choice for smaller garages or for those with limited wall space.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Electric Garage Heater

Before choosing an electric garage heater for your garage or work space, take a few minutes to educate yourself on the most important shopping considerations to keep in mind.

Garage Size

It’s critical to know the size of your garage or work space when selecting an electric garage heater. If you get a unit that is not powerful enough for the space you want to heat, then you will be left working in the cold, and you will be out the money you spent on the wrong heater. A good rule to follow for choosing an adequate garage heater is for every 10 watts of output, you can heat 1 square foot of space. For instance, a 150-square-foot garage or shop will be fully heated by a 1,500-watt electric garage heater.

Also, keep in mind the amount of actual space you use. If you use only a third of your garage while the rest is for your vehicle or for storage, then you may be able to get a smaller heater that will provide enough heat for you but won’t waste energy by heating up the rest of the unoccupied room.

Portable vs. Mounted

Electric garage heaters can be separated into two main installation types: portable and mounted.

  • Portable electric garage heaters can stand on the ground or a table, and you can maneuver them wherever and however you want to get the best heat for the room. These heaters don’t require much installation or setup and generally need only an available outlet to begin working right out of the box. These heaters take up floor and table space, and their cord can be a tripping hazard.
  • Mounted electric garage heaters can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. They can also be hardwired into the building’s electrical system for a more powerful heat output, or they may be plugged into a regular power outlet, which is a style of mounted heater that is easier to install than the hardwired type. Mounted heaters are a great option if you are looking for a semipermanent heater that you will have to set up only once. However, if you don’t have a large garage or workshop, these bigger units may be too powerful for a small space.

Adjustable Thermostat

If you want an electric garage heater that can monitor the ambient temperature of the room and turn on when the temperature is too low and off when the temperature is too high, then you need a heater with a built-in adjustable thermostat. This feature allows you to choose your ideal temperature for the garage, and the heater will automatically begin heating until the ambient air in the room reaches that temperature. It’s an ideal function in colder climates that may need 24-hour heating because the auto-on and auto-off features will keep your garage at the right temperature without wasting unnecessary energy.


Any heating or cooling appliance will require some maintenance to continue working effectively over the years, and an electric garage heater is no different. Lightweight heaters are less expensive than more durable units, but they won’t last as long. If you don’t mind replacing a heater every couple of years, you can get sufficient heat without having to do much maintenance.

More durable electric garage heaters will last longer, but you’ll need to clean them regularly, inspect the power inlets for breaks, and test the heat outputs to ensure they are functioning properly. If you do this on a regular basis, these more expensive heaters may end up costing less over time than having to replace several lightweight heaters.

Safety Features

Electric garage heaters can be dangerous if they are not properly installed, set up, and used. Fortunately, many manufacturers have begun adding safety features designed to make the product as accident-proof as possible, including tip-over mechanisms, overheating protection, and cool-touch features.

  • Tip-over mechanisms were designed because electric garage heaters are easy to knock over, especially when they’re in a busy workshop, small garage, or a home with small kids. This mechanism activates when the heater is knocked over, automatically shutting down the heater to prevent damage.
  • Overheating protection is a useful feature that’s designed for days of prolonged use when the ambient temperature can fluctuate by several degrees, causing the heater to begin to overheat. When this happens, the overheating protection senses the rising temperature and shuts off the heater to prevent external damage to your garage and to stop internal damage to the heater.
  • Cool-touch features are primarily used for wall-mounted and portable garage heaters because they are often set up or installed in locations where passing children or adults can come into contact with the sides of the heater. Heaters without this safety feature can cause a significant burn, but the cool-touch feature allows you to touch or grab the outside shell of the heater without injuring yourself.

Additional Features

Electric garage heaters have advanced with the times and now come with a variety of additional beneficial features. Take a look at these features below to see if any are must-haves for your electric garage heater.

  • Extended cords give you the ability to place the garage heater anywhere within reach of the outlet, expanding the available areas to set up and keep warm.
  • A handle on a portable heater makes it easier to pick up and move around the garage so you can find the best place to put it.
  • Wheels can make portable space heaters easier to move.
  • Louvers on your electric garage heater allow you to direct the flow of the heat with a fan-forced or ceramic garage heater.
  • WiFi-enabled electric garage heaters can connect to a website or an app so you can control the heater through your phone.

The Advantages of Owning an Electric Garage Heater

There are many benefits to owning an electric garage heater, but one of the foremost advantages of these useful appliances is being able to have a warm, comfortable garage work space year-round.

Electric garage heaters versus built-in heating systems also give you the ability to choose how and where to use them, so long as you have an available power source. Install a semipermanent heater on your garage wall or ceiling if you prefer a reliable heat source that you don’t have to set up every time you use it. If you want more maneuverability with your electric garage heater, then you can get a portable product that just needs an outlet and somewhere to stand.

Simple installation and eco-friendly operation are two primary advantages that electric garage heaters have over gas heaters. Electric heaters are also more affordable, and their heat output is optimal for most residential garages, though very large spaces may call for a more powerful heating option, such as a gas heater.

  • Using an electric garage heater allows you to work effectively in your garage in cold temperatures.
  • Electric garage heaters can be mounted on your ceiling or wall in a semipermanent position, or they can be portable, giving you the freedom to choose where and how to use them.
  • For residential garages, an electric heater is an inexpensive, effective option that is easy to install compared to natural gas garage heaters.

How We Tested the Best Electric Garage Heaters 120v

Testing the best electric garage heaters 120v required a few days’ worth of work, as the temperatures in the garage needed to be low enough to give these heaters a fair shake. Over the course of three mornings, the temperatures were in the high 30s or low 40s here, which gave us the perfect opportunity to test them out.

We tested the setup. We attached and hung brackets, wired heaters, and installed apps to see how easy it was to go from in the box to heating the garage. Then, we cranked these heaters up to see how well they’d heat the garage. We also performed a test where we let the heater regulate the temperature in the space by itself (which is why we could only test a few a day).

We tested the best electric garage heaters’ safety functions. While we weren’t able to get any to overheat, we did tip them all over to ensure they worked as they should. If they didn’t (one didn’t), we noted it in the guide.

electric garage heater 120v suitable for crowd

If you’re looking for an electric garage heater that is suitable for a crowd and runs on 120V power, you may want to consider a forced air heater or a ceiling-mounted heater.

A forced air heater is a popular option for heating large spaces, like garages, because they use a fan to circulate heat throughout the space quickly and efficiently. Many models are available that can run on 120V power and are suitable for heating a crowd.

Ceiling-mounted heaters are also suitable for heating a crowd in a garage. These heaters are installed on the ceiling and use convection to circulate heat throughout the space. They are a good choice for larger garages or for those with high ceilings.

When choosing a heater, you should also consider the size of the garage and the amount of heat you need to generate in order to make the space comfortable for a crowd. It’s usually recommended to consult with a professional to check for the most suitable solution for your specific needs and local regulations

Also, it’s important to remember that any electric heater, no matter the size, should be placed in an area where it won’t be a tripping hazard, and that has proper ventilation.


How much power do electric garage heaters use?

The power consumption of an electric garage heater can vary depending on the size and type of the heater. A small portable heater may use as little as 1,500 watts, while a larger industrial heater can use up to 15,000 watts.[1]Electric Garage Heater Power Consumption Calculator

Can electric garage heaters be used in damp or wet conditions?

Many electric garage heaters are not suitable for use in damp or wet conditions. However, there are some models that are specifically designed to be used in damp or wet environments, such as radiant heaters. It is important to consult with the manufacturer or a professional before installing a heater in a damp or wet location.

Can electric garage heaters be used as primary heat source?

It depends on the size and power of the electric garage heater, as well as the size of the garage. Some electric heaters are powerful enough to heat large garages and can be used as a primary heat source, while others are better suited as supplementary heat. It’s always recommended to consult with a professional to check for the most suitable solution for your specific needs and local regulations.[2]12 Best Ways to Heat a Garage in the Winter

How long do electric garage heaters last?

The lifespan of an electric garage heater can vary depending on the quality of the heater and how well it is maintained. On average, an electric garage heater can last between 5 and 15 years.

How to maintain electric garage heater?

Proper maintenance will ensure that your electric garage heater lasts as long as possible. This includes regularly cleaning the heater and its filters, keeping it free of debris, and making sure that the wiring and connections are tight and secure. It’s also important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance and to hire a professional for any repairs or service needs.

Where should I place my garage heater?

You can place portable electric garage heaters anywhere you want. If they aren’t giving you the heat and results you want, just move them. Fixed or mounted electric garage heaters that have a forced-air or ceramic-heating function should be installed in the coldest corner of the garage with the air directed toward the center of the room.

Fixed or mounted electric garage heaters that use infrared or radiant heating need to be positioned at least 24 inches from the walls of the garage to ensure that they do not cause a fire. Measure and mark out this safety zone, then select an area within the zone that is close to your usual work space so you can benefit the most from the heater when it is installed.[3]Places You Can Hang Your Garage Heater

How many watts do I need to heat my garage?

The type of heater, the layout of your garage, the contents of your garage, and the ambient temperature are all factors that can make this a difficult measurement to pinpoint, but a basic rule to follow is approximately 10 watts for every square foot of space that you want to heat.

How much does it cost to run an electric garage heater?

This depends heavily on your local electrical costs, the wattage of the electric heater, and how long the heater has been used. However, on average, a 1,500-watt electric space heater will cost between $0.18 and $0.25 per hour to use.[4]How Much Does a Garage Heater Cost?

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