6 Best smartwatches for texting on the market in 2022

6 Best smartwatches for texting on the market in 2022

If you’re shopping for the best smartwatches for texting, you need to think about your current smartphone or tablet and its operating system (OS). Because Apple devices don’t support text and calls through Android devices, it’s important to find a watch that uses the same OS as your smartphone or tablet. Next, think about text functionality. Do you merely want to have access to quick replies or do you prefer a robust texting feature? And you should consider other functions such as calls, contactless payments, or even streaming media. However, all of the above smart features can quickly drain a watch battery so you’ll want to look at the listed battery range, and how quickly a watch can be fully recharged. Yes, you have to do the same even if you are buying the best smartwatch.

So you want a smartwatch, but you want one that will not only be able to notify you of incoming messages to your smartphone, but allow you to reply to them directly from your watch. One of the best things about owning a smartwatch is that you never miss a call or message, and you don’t have to be constantly checking your phone all day.

Still, if it’s a urgent message that needs replying to, it makes sense that you should be able to do so without hunting down your phone first. Thankfully some of the latest smartwatches have a messaging functionality built in to enable you to send text messages from your watch and it’s not as difficult as you may think, even with such a small screen!

The first and most important aspect to consider when choosing your smartwatch is compatibility. Even if a smartwatch says it is compatible with your phone, check to make sure there aren’t any major restrictions. When phones and smartwatches aren’t fully compatible, functions can be restricted in small ways (think: limited access to health data) or in more significant ways (like not supporting texts or email).

6 Best smartwatches for texting on the market in 2022: Our Top Picks

Best Text MessagingSAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2
Best Elevation Tracker Smart WatchApple Watch Series 6
Best Smart Watch for AndroidMotorola Moto 360 2nd Gen
Best Activity & Fitness TrackerLG Watch Urbane Wearable Smart Watch
Best For Active LifestylesTicwatch E most comfortable Smartwatch-Shadow
otherFitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

Next, consider how you’ll want to send messages. You can send texts through voice commands and customizable templates with most advanced smartwatches. Some models also include features like handwriting-to-text messaging and smart replies, which are generated based on your text conversation. If you want to be able to send emojis, audio messages, doodles, or stickers, check to make sure the smartwatch you’re considering has those functions.

1.SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2

Check it out on Amazon


  • Intuitive heart rate sensor
  • Long battery life
  • Wireless Qi charging


  • Clunky interface and app management

WHY WE LIKE IT: The best smartwatch for Android users that supports text and talk with wireless Qi charging and decent multi-day battery life makes this a smart choice.

While most Android-based smartwatches can be paired with the iPhone, for this guide that’s focusing on full-text support, we’re solely looking at Android-based watches for Android phones. As we’ve stated in our criteria below, the iPhone can’t properly support texting through an Android smartwatch. So, hands down, the best smartwatch for an Android user is going to be from Samsung. We’ve nominated the Galaxy Active 2 smartwatch as our Top Pick because it’s a fully-fledged hands-free alternative to using your Android phone. Plus, you’ll get a multi-day battery range and wireless Qi charging that allows you to charge your watch by simply laying it on your Samsung phone if you have that brand.

The Samsung Galaxy Active 2 supports sending and receiving calls as well as texts thanks to a talk to text feature. You’ll also have full access to managing emails and calendar events, along with contactless payment through the Samsung Pay app. For people that rely on voice assistants, Samsung’s proprietary Bixby assistant is ready to help you. You’ll also get fitness tracking with an automatic detector that instantly senses the type of activity you’re engaged in and tracks accordingly. Standard health metrics include a continuous heart rate monitor, step tracking, calories burned, and sleep tracking. Nice value-added features like their stress tracker and access to the Calm app help you manage the day to day stress. The only real complaint we saw from our review of the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is that many people felt that the interface was clunky as was the app management feature. A better option may be one of the best hybrid smartwatch that features an on-screen display for more than just fitness metrics.

2.Apple Watch Series 6

Check it out on Amazon

WHY WE LIKE IT: The best smartwatch you can text on with an iPhone thanks to its native OS support, a 50-meter water resistance, and the ability to put this watch on a separate mobile line.


  • Supports Wi-Fi and cellular use
  • Sleep tracking and fitness tracking
  • Wireless Qi charging


  • Poor battery life depending on usage

We can’t stress enough that Apple iPhone owners who want to find a watch that seamlessly supports texting need to focus on the Apple Watch. It’s the only watch we’ve found through our research that doesn’t require a complicated workaround for sending texts. The Apple Watch is a smartwatch you can text on with an iPhone and is designed to be a hands-free iPhone replacement. The Series 6 Apple Watch is the latest release and is full of features that allow you to leave your iPhone behind if you prefer. This is proven by the fact that you can put your watch on a separate line on your phone plan so that you don’t even have to worry about having your iPhone nearby to access the smart features. While we’ve given it the Honorable Mention award in this guide, it’s the top pick for an iPhone owner who wants to send texts from their wrist.

Along with phone and text support, key features that people love are the always-on retina display with a screen that’s 30% larger than the Apple Watch Series 3. You’ll get enhanced health and fitness tracking for sleep, continuous heart rate monitoring, ECG readings, and blood oxygen levels. All of this data is tracked through Apple Health which you can access on your watch or iPhone. Contactless payment is supported through the Apple Pay app. You’ll get a 50-meter water resistance rating which makes it safe for swimming. The one main drawback — which is consistent across all Apple Watch generations — is that the Apple Watch has one of the worst battery lives for a smartwatch. Although the brand promises 18 hours, your mileage will vary depending on how frequently you rely on the smart features such as phone, text, and streaming media content. Consider instead the best rugged smartwatch that features the Max Battery GPS Mode that can run up to 145 hours on solar charging or 70 hours without solar.

3.Motorola Moto 360 2nd Gen

Check it out on Amazon

The Moto 360 features all the health tracking and notification abilities of a premium smartwatch, but at a much lower price. The Moto 360 allows you to create and reply to text messages and emails using your voice. The latest version of Android Wear features a very accurate voice control function, allowing you to dictate your messages straight to your watch. While it’s probably not recommended for lengthy emails, the Google software is accurate enough to create short messages very quickly.

You can also download keyboard apps to directly type your message out, depending on how large your fingers are you may find this very easy or a bit of a struggle.

Apart from the amazing voice function the Moto 360 features a stunning metal cased body and edge to edge screen, as well as a heart rate monitor and pedometer for health tracking. Unfortunately the batter will only last a day or two, but considering the low price and stunning design, it’s still definitely worth considering.

4.LG Watch Urbane Wearable Smart Watch

Check it out on Amazon

The LG watch Urbane might be one of the best looking smartwatches on this list, especially if you prefer a classical timepiece like I do. The Urbane merges the classic style with the latest technology and allows you to forget your phone for a while and control your digital life on your wrist.

Using “OK Google” commands, you can control and reply to any messages that are pushed to your watch, and the improved accuracy of the voice recognition means you can speak normally and the software will still recognize each word. You can also use a keyboard app to type out your messages, and with such a large screen it’s not too clumsy to do so.

A stainless steel body and leather strap gives the Urbane a very premium feel, while the large OLED screen allows you to use a variety of apps in full color. What’s more, the high capacity battery can keep the Urbane going for longer than the average smartwatch.

Overall the Urbane is one of the smartwatches best suited to replace your phone, or at least ensure you don’t have to have it glued to your hand all day.

5.Ticwatch E most comfortable Smartwatch-Shadow

Check it out on Amazon

You may have never even heard of the Ticwatch brand, neither had I if I’m honest, but they have flown under the radar and produced the most popular smartwatch that can also send messages. Just checkout the Amazon page where the Ticwatch E2 has hundreds of reviews with a 4 star rating. This is definitely worth checking out!

The Ticwatche E smartwatch features more sensors that you can shake a stick at, it’s got GPS built in, a large circular screen, Google Play apps and voice recognition. It’s the latter that allows you to reply to messages and emails using your voice, as well as make phone calls to your contacts. Not bad a for a smartwatch well under the $200 mark.

One of the reasons this watch is so popular is that it has most of the features found in much more expensive smartwatches, and it looks just as good too. If I were to buy a new smartwatch I think this would be among my top choices right now.

6.Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

Check it out on Amazon

Designed for fitness-minded users, the Fitbit Versa 2 has great texting capabilities. Android users can reply to messages using customizable text templates, or by using text-to-voice with the built-in Amazon Alexa assistant. It boasts a large, crisp display, and while the processor isn’t listed, reviewers say that this smartwatch is pretty fast.

  • Compatibility: Android, iPhone (with texting limitations)
  • Water-resistance rating: Up to 50 meters
  • Battery life: 6 days

The FitBit Versa 2 also allows you to track over 15 exercises, and it can track real-time pace and distance by connecting to your phone’s GPS. It features an always-on display and an impressive six-day battery life. Note that if you don’t have an Android phone, you’ll be able to see texts, but you will need to use your phone to reply.

How We Decided

When you narrow down your smartwatch search to ones that support texting, the field instantly becomes less cluttered. To create our guide for the best smartwatch for texting, we focused on the following key features — OS compatibility, text support, functionality, and battery life. Because texting is a function that separates Android and Apple devices, you’ll find that we narrowed down our criteria significantly so that only Apple Watches were promoted for iPhone users and all Tizen (Samsung) and Wear OS-backed watches were targeted for Android users. And you’ll note that text support for smartwatches is usually limited to talk to text features where a voice assistant or a specific program must be accessed to dictate messages for transcription to your watch.

Aside from texting, most smartwatches that support full-text functionality also support making and receiving phone calls. Likewise, you’ll usually have access to email, managing calendars, streaming media, and making contactless payments. But you’ll also want to pay attention to the battery life. Unlike traditional fitness smartwatches with limited smart support, these watches are promoted as hands-free companions that untether you from your smartphone. So, battery life tends to be greatly reduced and your experience may vary depending on how frequently you rely on smart features like texting, phone calls, and streaming media which all drain power faster. And a common issue we found was that many brands had watches that fell far short of their promoted battery range. Still, you’ll find a range from just 18 hours to as much as two weeks.

Best Smartwatches for Texting Buyers Guide

The Most Important Factors to Consider

OS Compatibility

The OS or operating system compatibility is crucial for a smartwatch that supports texting. This is especially true for iPhone users. While most smartwatches that support texting can seamlessly work with an Android phone whether they run on Wear OS, Tizen for Samsung, or an alternate platform, they usually don’t work as well with the iPhone. And this means that the best bet for finding a smartwatch that supports texting if you’re an iPhone owner is to get an Apple Watch. Also, note that the Apple Watch only works with Apple devices such as the iPad and iPhone and cannot pair with an Android device.

Text Support

Most smartwatches have screens that are too small to support actual typing. Instead, you’ll have the option of talk to type or talk to text which converts your spoken words into text that can be sent to contacts. Also note, that we’re focusing on watches that support true text messaging, not just quick template replies. Quick reply text messaging functions are common from many third-party brands like Garmin, Fitbit, and AmazFit. However, it is possible to find a few Wear OS supported third party watches that allow for Android users to access talk to text support.


More than likely, if you’re shopping for a watch that supports texting, you’re also going to have access to more robust smart features like making and receiving calls, contactless payments, streaming media, and additional apps both proprietary to the watchmaker and from third-party developers. But you also might want to consider what fitness and health tracking or music controls are available through the watch. And in some cases, you can find features like Apple’s Hand Off which allows you to open an app on an iPhone or iPad and seamlessly continue using it on the Apple Watch.

Battery Life

Being able to send and receive texts is considered a smart feature. And typically, the more smart features a watch supports, the lower the battery life range tends to be. In some cases, you can find watches like the Apple Watch that can’t survive 24 hours without being recharged whereas other smart-heavy watches can last at least 24 to 48 hours depending on total usage. They all have their pros and cons, but if having enough time with the battery life is crucial for you, then pay close attention to the battery spec. You can also learn about additional features that can help save battery, or you can avoid the “always-on display” feature. You can turn off the calling features when you’re sure you don’t need them in the moment.

5 Advantages of Smartwatches

1. Smartwatches Support Healthy Living

Did you know that pedometers aren’t the only wearables that can track health? Smartwatches like Fitbit, Samsung Galaxy, Apple, Garmin, etc. can also track health details such as calories burned, sleep, stress, blood pressure, heart rate, level of oxygen in the blood, and skin temperature among others.

Some of the physical activities smartwatches can monitor include running, swimming, weight lighting, cycling, walking, etc.

Smartwatches then analyze the activities then provide reports. For in-depth results, you will need to log into the companion app.

2. With a Smartwatch you Look Fashionable

If you are the type who person who wants to look trendy then you may want to add a smartwatch like the Apple Watch Series or Fitbit Series because they are designed to look stylish, fashionable, and blend with any outfit (casual or official wear).

A smartwatch will make you look good while on the streets, on a date, at school, or at a business meeting.

3. Get Notifications and Never Miss Calls

With a high-end smartwatch like the Apple Watch Series, 7 users are able to get notifications like emails, incoming calls, texts, reminders, etc.

You can receive calls and respond to calls right from the smartwatch without retrieving your smartphone from the pocket or briefcase.

Smartwatches that can provide real-time notices are best for people who are always busy/on the move and who don’t find missed calls a big deal – a smartwatch provides you with quick access to notifications.

4. Smartwatches are Convenient

There are smartwatches that come with the Near-Field Communication (NFC) feature which enables users to make payments contactless/cashless.

For that users don’t have to carry their credit cards or wallets. A number of smartwatches will also be able to send texts and pick up or make calls as if the smartphone is anywhere near thanks to the LTE cellular feature.

5. Entertain through Music and Videos

There are smartwatches that come with local storage that let you store music files. You will also be able to stream from popular music platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and Deezer.

No matter what you are up to (cycling, walking, running, on a treadmill, or jogging) a smartwatch keeps you entertained.

All you need to do is connect to a headset like Airpods. A smartwatch like Garmin is good with Airpods. Most of these smartwatches are high-end and will cost a lot of money.

Disadvantages of Smartwatches

1. They Come at a High Price

Most quality smartwatches come at expensive prices that only a few people can afford. The watches are priced from $100 all the way to $1000+.

Only a few smartwatches are below the $100 in which most of them are for kids and don’t offer a lot of exciting features. Fortunately, we have an article that lists some cheap smartwatches you can get for less than $100.

2. Battery Life is Limited

Poor battery life is a common con on most smartwatches. Most smartwatches can be used for a day or two after 2 to 3 hours of complete charging.

Worst of all there are others that don’t last even a day when features like the GPS and Music are used. So to at least reach a day with such a smartwatch you will need to disable the GPS mode or not use the music.

You will also need to ensure the watch has sufficient when you want to keep track of your sleep or else you will find a dead phone the next day you wake up.

3. Display is too small for People with Big Fingers

Smartwatches clutter everything on the small display. People blessed with bigger fingers will find it difficult to tap on options.

Selecting the right button when opening apps may require additional effort. In addition, some people strain to watch guided workouts or fun videos on the display because it is too tiny for videos, the experience you get can’t compare to the one you get on a tablet, PC, or smartphone.

As for now Samsung Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch Series 4 are the smartwatch models that come with much bigger screen sizes.

Apple Watch Series 4 and Galaxy Watch are available in two various sizes 40mm and 44mm while Samsung Galaxy Watch is available in 42mm and 46mm.

4. Some Smartwatches Depend on Smartphones

A smartwatch (the secondary device) that doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi networks or doesn’t have an LTE cellular connection is supposed to be within a range of 300 feet of the smartphone (the primary device).

The range we are talking about is the Bluetooth range. In other words, you will always need to have your phone in your pocket or purse.

You will still need your phone even if the smartwatch have can operate without a phone nearby. And the reason for that there are functions that a smartphone has that a smartwatch doesn’t have.

5. Some Smartwatches have Irreplaceable Bands

There are a number of smartwatches that come with wrist straps that cannot be replaced. They therefore cannot be customized too much a day’s look and will need so much care for the bands to serve for long.

Can you text on a smartwatch?

For smartwatches that support sending texts, you’ll usually have access to a talk to type feature that transcribes your spoken words into a written message that can be sent to contacts.

What Android watch can you text on?

Android users have more options when it comes to finding a smartwatch that supports true texting — not just quick replies. Along with Samsung’s smartwatches, Android owners can use the Moto 360, and select watches from watchmakers such as Fossil, Michael Kors, and Movado that support talk to text through the Google Wear OS platform.

What smartwatch can you text on with an iPhone?

iPhone owners face far more limiting prospects when it comes to finding a watch that supports texting. Because of the Apple OS and the fact that it doesn’t offer full synchronization across functionality when pairing with an Android-based smartwatch, only the Apple Watch provides texting support for iPhone owners.

Can you text from a Fitbit?

Yes and no. Android users usually have support for quick replies for incoming text notifications. Apple users don’t have access to this feature. But because we’re focusing on watches that support true texting — not just quick replies — we didn’t include watches that only offer quick replies to texts.

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